National Business Capital Reviews

    “I want everyone at National Business Capital to know how much I appreciate your efforts in obtaining funding for my business. From the very first contact on the phone until the money arrived in my account you were awesome. You were honest, upfront, detailed, and most importantly you always did exactly what you said you would do. When you said I’ll call you back, you called back. When you said I’ll get that information you did. You are what customer service is all about. I thank you again.”

    - Bob
    Texas – Auto Repair

    “A medical loan from National Business Capital allowed us to purchase new equipment which has helped us dramatically since our existing equipment needed to be replaced. I will never forget what you did for my practice. You were great. Everything was explained to me in detail and I could not have asked for more in a company.”

    - Dr. Anderson
    California – Medical

    “I was having difficulty at my local bank obtaining an SBA loan to acquire an additional practice. National Business Capital was very knowledgeable and straight to the point. They told me what documentation I needed upfront and made the process a smooth one. I was able to get my SBA and open my practice much sooner than I expected. Thank you.”

    - Dr. Ryder
    New York – Dental

    “I just wanted to thank National Business Capital for helping us with our cash advance. It was great working with your entire staff. The entire team was extremely personable, knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions or little hurdles that came up. We still can’t believe your replenish department was able to get us additional cash twice in the matter of months. We look forward to a longstanding relationship with you guys! Thanks again.”

    - Denise and Jim
    North Carolina – Restaurant

    “I was not comfortable with cash advance programs like this at first. I mentioned to a fellow colleague in the area that I was having some difficulty obtaining a business loan and that my application was pending for 3 weeks at my bank and then unfortunately got declined. He told me the terms he was able to get through them and I thought he was just boasting until I actually called them. I took his advice and I’m so glad that I did. The cash advance program was explained to me in full detail. The only question I had was “can they get me the money as fast as the said they would?” They had that question answered for me in 5 days when I checked my bank account Friday morning. I just can’t believe that National Business Capital was able to get me the money I needed, while the bank I have been doing business with for 12 years was not able to help. I know I can count on your staff in the future.”

    - Dr. Chong
    Ohio – Medical

    “Quick, friendly, professional, precise, experienced, understanding… should I go on? National Business Capital was everything my business and I have been looking for. I was amazed to get my approval so quickly. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”

    - Gregg
    Michigan – Manufacturer

    “Business was slow. My vendors were owed money, my payroll funds were tight. I was strapped for cash at the time. With the economy the way it’s been lately I was concerned that I would have to close the doors unless I came up with some quick cash. I just needed some cushion for 3 months before my busy season came. National Business Capital was able to give me the money I needed to float my business during our slow time. Our busy season is now here and we’re putting our profits in the bank instead of paying late bills thanks to National Business Capital. Things are great now but I know we’ll be calling you again in May.”

    - Courtney
    Arizona – Spa Resort


    • Realistic Underwriting
    • Bad credit OK
    • No Upfront Fees
    • No Industry Restrictions


    • 90% Approval Rate
    • Easy 2 minute Application
    • Approval within 24 Hours
    • Funding within Days


    • Years of Experience
    • Millions Lent to Small Businesses
    • Honest & Professional Business Advice
    • We Usually say YES when your bank says NO