Everyone who has started and run a small business quickly becomes savvy about business financing. Many entrepreneurs with good credit can obtain personal loans or run up balances on their credit cards to fund their businesses. Yet until recently, it had been nearly impossible for individuals with a bad credit history to receive any kind of funding. This was largely due to the limited financial resources available: traditional financial institutions are highly regulated and therefore must follow stringent lending restrictions.

Unless independently wealthy, many small business owners had to struggle to compete for their market share. No lending institution would finance small business loans with bad credit. In recent years, however, alternative funding sources have made the process of obtaining working capital and establishing sound business financing relationships much easier.

This is great news for those who have exhausted all other means of keeping their businesses solvent. We have been able to help many business owners obtain financing regardless of their credit history.

Bad Credit Small Business Loans from National Business Capital

When bad credit has you and your business between the proverbial rock and a hard place, turn to National Business Capital. We are one of the nation’s leading sources for business financing. We do not base on credit history or require real estate collateral. If banks have turned you down for a small business loan due to your poor credit history, call us. We have an over 90% approval rate. Many of the businesses we have financed had been turned down by their banks for small business loans. With bad credit or a poor credit history, your business may be teetering on the brink of financial disaster. Call National Business Capital today at (888) 888-9124 to establish a business relationship with our knowledgeable and professional financial business consultants. We will work with you to assist your business to receive the funding it needs to thrive.

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