Retailers: 4 Ways that Business Loans Help Prepare for Seasonal Demand Cycles

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Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Whether retailers sell electronics, smoothies, home furnishings or anything else in the multi-billion dollar retail landscape, the fact remains that short-term success and long-term survival is rooted in the ability to manage — and sometimes withstand and endure — seasonal demand cycles. Below, we highlight 5 practical ways that business loans help retailers of all sizes stay ahead of the curve:

  • Use Business Loans to Cover Additional Hiring

Competition for temporary workers during peak times — such as the gift buying season or the back-to-school season — can be fierce, and the window to onboard new hires is typically short. Business loans ensure that retailers have the working capital they need to cover recruiting and compensation costs.  

  • Use Business Loans to Launch Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Getting and staying on customers’ radar screens isn’t just important during seasonal spikes, but it makes-or-breaks the month, quarter, year — or in some cases, the business itself. For example, florists that get lost in a crowded marketplace during the absolutely critical April-September peak period may be forced to sell off or shut down. Business loans helps retailers launch targeted marketing and advertising campaigns, so that they’re top-of-mind with target customers when it matters most.

  • Use Business Loans to Boost Inventory

For most retailers, the only thing more financially devastating than not having enough customers during seasonal spikes, is facing excessive demand — yet not having enough inventory on-hand to convert demand into profit. Not only does this leave an enormous amount of sales on the table, but many customers who can’t easily and quickly complete their purchase are unlikely to return in the future. Business loans — such as inventory financing — ensure that retailers have sufficient stock to meet demand, and exploit all profit potential.  

  • Use Business Loans to Add Product/Service Lines

Additional business lines mitigate risk by offsetting low-season demand dips. For example, home furnishing companies that typically experience a post-holiday lull (due to an unfortunate combination of consumer debt and bad weather), can use business loans to sell new/used office furniture — which is often in higher demand between January and April, as businesses need to spend budget before the end of their fiscal year.

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