Many things have changed in the last several years. For example, there is now a generation of people that cannot comprehend what life was like when “the web” was exclusively where spiders lived, and when the only people who said “iPhone” were those who needed some remedial help with their pronouns.

But with this being said, some things haven’t changed and will never change: and on this special list of coveted mainstays is the inspirational idea that anyone with a good idea, a strong work ethic, and enough seed capital can escape the matrix and launch their very own business. Maybe it’s a bakery that sells mouth-watering muffins. Maybe it’s a cyber security firm that keeps hackers away. There’s no limit to the American Dream.

Unfortunately as noted, having a great idea and the will to bring it to life isn’t enough. It also takes new business loans — which, unfortunately, is where many dreams come to an end.

Here’s why: when it comes to new business loans, banks and other conventional lending institutions aren’t interested in being part of the solution. New businesses are too risky, and they’re also not profitable vs. larger, established firms.  

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Here at National Business Capital, we don’t just talk about bringing dreams to life. We make it happen by offering new business loans, even to entrepreneurs who:

  • May not have good personal and/or business credit.
  • May not have several years of operational history (2-3 months of operational history is typically fine for our loan approval).
  • May not have sufficient collateral to secure their new business loan (or they have sufficient collateral, and do not want to pledge it).
  • Are aiming to launch their business in a sector that banks deem “too risky” (e.g. restaurant, hospitality, warehousing, etc.).
  • Have a discharged bankruptcy in their history.
  • Have an open tax lien.

In light of the above, you may be wondering: why is our criteria for new business loans so much more flexible and fair than banks? The answer is simple: we don’t insist that our customers take on all of the risk, while we sit back and reap the profits. We take our share of the risk — because where there’s no risk, there’s no reward.

Since we’re one of the country’s most successful and reputable private lending firms, you can see that our approach is very rewarding: for our organization, and more importantly, for our customers who bring their dream to life!

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