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5 Reasons Why Businesses Get Equipment at Year’s End

Why is the end of the year such a popular time for businesses of all types to get equipment? The answer is simple: to take full advantage of the financial and tax benefits that come with purchasing equipment at the end of the fiscal year. But what exactly are those benefits, and is it worthRead More

Small Business Optimism Breaks Record Highs!

HEY SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, Have you been feeling especially optimistic lately? Feeling some extra pep in your step? Does the future of your business look all sunshine and rainbows? Guess what—you’re not the only one! In fact, according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), small business optimism nationwide has risen to the secondRead More

Why Fewer Women are Starting Businesses

Media headlines routinely trumpet the era of the entrepreneur. Lately, that attention tilts more toward the males, who take new ideas and turn them into viable commercial enterprises. Recent data indicates the number of women starting new businesses has leveled off considerably. And, if true, there are plenty of reasons why, ranging from various financialRead More

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