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According to Hoovers, while there are hundreds of thousands of manufacturers in the U.S., the 50 largest manufacturing companies account for 60% of the industry’s annual revenue. As a result, the health of U.S. manufacturers is important to maintaining and growing our national economy. The business cycle for owners in the manufacturing and distribution industries relies on keeping equipment and materials flow in balance. Their equipment must be dependable and there must be a process in place to ensure it is maintained and quickly repaired with minimal downtime.

Additionally, suppliers often require payment up front so manufacturers must have quick access to working capital. This can be difficult when their capital is usually their profit from the sale of the goods they manufacture. Sometimes their only option available is to obtain funding through outside financing companies.

Hoovers additionally states that of the over 300,000 wholesale-distribution firms in the U.S., the top 50 generate over 25% of that industry’s annual revenue. As an integral part of the manufacturing supply chain for American businesses, distributors face an issue similar to that of manufacturers when their inventory/restock processes, fueled by revenue, reach a cash flow crunch. Those who have established a business financing relationship with National Business Capital know exactly where to turn to locate the distribution business financing their companies require.

Sound Business Financing Options

When seeking manufacturing business financing and wholesale/distribution business financing, traditional financial institutions such as banks are not the best sources. Their funding criteria will disqualify anyone with a less than spotless credit history or an open tax lien. Application documentation and paperwork can be extensive. Once submitted, it may be weeks or even longer before a decision is reached. This is not expedient to manufacturers who require funding almost immediately to stay on track. National Business Capital, as a leading alternative financing company, understands the needs of manufacturers and distributors and offers a number of manufacturing business financing and distribution business financing options they may use for any business expense, including:

Some of the industries we have served include, but are not limited to:

To ensure that our clients can maintain and exceed demand for their products we assist them to obtain manufacturing business financing with our convenient application process that features:

For those in the Manufacturing and Distribution industries where their business flow is not always conducive to supporting cash flow, call National Business Capital. Establish an ongoing financial relationship with our Business Consultants. We want to be there for you and your business whenever it requires additional financial support to continue to grow and to thrive. Call us today at (888) 888-9124.

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