National Business Capital Team

What is a Business Financing Advisor?

Daniel T.

Enjoys lifting weights, fishing, going to concerts and trying new food.

Anthony C.

Strategic Account Manager

Anthony’s hobbies include snowboarding, coaching football, and lifting weights. He also enjoys binging different Netflix series.

Kevin K.

Relationship Development Expert

In Kevin’s free time, he enjoys detailing cars, riding motorcycles, reading, and off-roading.

Josh G.

Account Executive

Josh enjoys spending time with his family which includes his son, daughter, and wife. Some of Josh’s favorite things are attending concerts, cooking for friends and family, and drinking aged scotch.

Josh D.

Account Executive

For fun, Josh likes to ride ATV’s, shoot sporting clays, play sports, go snowboarding, and hang out with his family. Another one of Josh’s interests is traveling with his wife.

Greg A.

Account Executive

Greg appreciates spending time with his family in his free time. He also has interests in trying new restaurants and playing darts.

Duanne S.

Relationship Development Expert

Duanne’s hobbies include sports, running, hiking, and going to the gym. He also has strong interests in watching the Knicks play and listening to music.

Dominic G.

Relationship Development Expert

Dominic’s main interests revolve around sports. He enjoys attending sports events, playing golf and softball, and engaging in fantasy sports leagues. Some of his other hobbies include traveling and poker.

Bradley W.

Relationship Development Expert

In Bradley’s free time he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and investing. He also has interests in sports and fitness.

Joseph T.

Relationship Development Expert

Joseph’s favorites things include concerts, tattoos, pizza, and street louge. Joseph is passionate about Halloween.

Robert C.

Relationship Development Expert

In Robert’s free time, he enjoys traveling, spending time with family, wrestling, and investing. Robert is also fond of a good TV series on Netflix.

Matt C.

Relationship Development Expert

In Matt’s free time, he enjoys weight lifting, jogging, fishing, exploring new restaurants, traveling, and investing in stocks. Additionally, Matt takes pride in being an ice cream enthusiast.

William L.

Relationship Development Expert

William is passionate about the NBA and NFL.

Thomas R.

Relationship Development Expert

Thomas enjoys fishing in his free time. His favorite two hobbies are poker and football.

Philip L.

Relationship Development Expert

In Philip’s free time he enjoys hiking, fishing, and hunting. Other interests of Philip include sports and movies.

Phil F.

Account Executive

Phil appreciates spending time with family, traveling, and golfing in his free time. Phil also has a passion for cars.

Paul O.

Account Executive

Paul is fond of studying new archeological discoveries and new discoveries of space exploration. He takes pride in his of knowledge international soccer trivia and his mastery of Chess.

Nick G.

Account Executive

In Nick’s free time, he enjoys working on cars, watching sports and documentaries, exploring new restaurants in NYC, and spending time with family. Some of his interests include scenery and researching new business investments or opportunities.

Michael G.

Account Executive

Micheal loves eating ice cream, chips, and candy while relaxing and watching movies. In his free time, he also enjoys playing sports, watching football, and playing with his puppy.

Matthew A.

Account Executive

In Matthew’s free time, he loves watching and keeping up with baseball, going to concerts, and attending sporting events.

Anthony P.

Anthony enjoys spending days out on his boat with family and friends. Golf is his passion. He loves country music and attending concerts, preferring the opening space of eastern Long Island over NYC.

Mark H.

Account Executive

Mark loves family days at the beach, coaching baseball and wrestling, and taking adventures with his children. Mark’s other hobbies are researching investment opportunities and listening to audio books.

Christopher C.

Relationship Development Expert

Christopher enjoys traveling, making/listening to music, riding motorcycles, going to concerts/sporting eventings and spending time with his family and friends.

Spencer A.

In Spencer’s free time he likes to go to restaurants and eat good food but his favorite way to spend time is chilling with his dog.

Chris S.

Outbound RDE

I love anything outdoors. Lacrosse, fishing and going to the beach are some of my favorites.

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