National Business Capital Team

Sierra M.

Production Director

Sierra enjoys practicing yoga, drinking margaritas, crafting, dancing, and cupcake creating in her free time. She prides herself on being hilarious.

Shannon T.

Pipeline Manager

Shannon enjoys being at the beach, boating and hanging out with family.

Patrick M.

Vice President of Sales

Patrick loves spending time with his family. He is also fond of football and steakhouses.

Megan C.

Marketing Manager

Megan enjoys hanging out with family, going to the beach, volleyball and cooking.

Lauren M.

Chief of Staff

Lauren enjoys traveling, kickboxing, and hiking in her free time. She has a strong interest for music as well.

Kim B.

HR Manager

Kim enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga, drinking wine, and traveling.

Julian K.

IT and Systems Director

Faith, family, friends, always being positive, traveling, being adventurous. Learn something about everything and everything about something.

Joseph C.


Fishing, Skiing, Golfing, Nice drives out East with my family, and Simply enjoying good times and food with good people

James W.


Boating, Skiing, Hiking, Fishing, and Baseball with my Daughter and Son.

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