Equipment Leasing for Dental Office Upgrades

Dentists are medical practitioners who provide valuable services to their patients and to their communities. Yet over the last few decades, the services that dental practices provide have been expanding. Whereas formerly one dentist would treat an entire family, now there are specialized practices who provide care only for children and just for the elderly. This has caused many practices to expand to become dental groups by bringing in additional dentists.

Expansion also means obtaining the specialized equipment these additional practitioners use to treat their patients. Most on-hand business contingency funds would be exhausted to cover additional salaries until the new specialists are bringing in sufficient revenue. At this juncture it is important to meet with a trusted financing partner to learn as much as possible about dentist financing options is key.

Where to Find Reliable Dentist Financing

National Business Capital is a trusted alternative financing company. Our Business Consultants forge lasting financial relationships with our clients based on our shared goal. We assist them to quickly obtain the financing required to achieve continued business’ success. We know that, in addition to financing new equipment, expanding any practice can also mandate other business expenses. These include leasing new offices and bringing on new nursing and office staff, as well as providing new computers, software, and even new waiting room furniture and decor.

In addition to Equipment Financing, practitioners seeking dentist financing may wish to learn more about other options available. These include business lines of credit, Physician Loans, and small business loans.

Whenever doctors and healthcare professionals require immediate access to working capital, we advise that they turn to our Business Consultants for financing assistance. For a confidential review of your practice’s financing requirements, please call us at (888) 888-9124.

About the Author, Megan Capobianco
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