How to Get Financing for a Franchise

More and more people are turning away from corporate jobs to become their own bosses. Business ownership carries many responsibilities, however. Many elect to purchase a franchise from a well-established firm to increase their chances for personal success. Due to the failure of many self-owned businesses banks place stringent requirements for their loan applicants. In fact, the majority of National Business Capital’s clients have been denied franchise loans from traditional banks before applying with us. Why would we grant loans to applicants who have been unsuccessful elsewhere? Because National Business Capital is the exact opposite of a traditional bank!

For those wondering how to get financing for a franchise opportunity to expand their personal enterprise we’ve prepared some valuable Q & A for your review.

Frequently Asked Questions About Financing Your Franchise

Question: Re: Franchise Financing- Are there limits to what I can use the money for?

Answer: National Business Capital does not limit how your loan may be applied to your franchise.  Many of our customers use the loan to remodel an existing or a new outlet, or to make equipment purchases and repairs.

Question: How long does it take to receive franchise financing?

Answer: Fast. The application will take you about two minutes to fill out and you will hear from us within 24 hours. The good news is that National Business Capital approves 90% of our applicants who then receive their funding within a matter of days.

Question: I’ve heard it is difficult to obtain financing for a restaurant franchise. Do you finance these outlets?

Answer:  Do the brands Subway, Golden Corral, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dominos, IHOP and Burger King ring a bell? National Business Capital has funded these and many, many other household name restaurant franchises. We will be glad to speak with you concerning your interest in obtaining a franchise loan for your chain restaurant.

National Business Capital offers franchise financing programs for those who qualify with a selection of custom options. If you have been wondering how to get financing for a franchise, you need to talk with us! For current franchisees or those looking to become one, let’s get you started! For more information, fill out our application form or call us at (888) 888-9124

 *National Business Capital is currently only working with existing franchise owners.

About the Author, Joe Camberato
Joseph Camberato, President at National Business Capital, developed a passion for business at a young age. Joseph has a true respect for anyone who owns a business and enjoys engaging them in discussions of how they “made it happen.”