Is the Approval Process for Your Business Loan Taking Too Long?

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Friday, August 31st, 2012

As a business owner you apply for loans for a number of reasons. You may need cash flow to meet payroll responsibilities, equipment may need to be fixed or purchased, or perhaps you are ready to grow the business to create more revenue.  Whatever the reason, the faster you receive the financing, the faster you can take care of business.

The loan process at a bank is a long and tedious one.  Banks are required to give due consideration to each application and must go through a series of steps. So even if the first employee to look at the application knows it will not be approved, you may still wait a number of weeks until you are denied. That is lost time that could have been used to find an alternate source of financing.

Fortunately, National Business Capital has a loan process that moves very quickly.  In fact, most loans can be approved in 24 – 48 hours and can be funded within 5 -7 business days!  

National Business Capital is a niche commercial finance company that works with many types of businesses, big or small, nationwide. Call and speak with one of our business consultants to learn how we can help your business!

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