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Merchant Cash Advance Specials

We now offer the Lowest Paybacks In The Industry (Limited Time Only)

How Does It Work?

Your cash advance is repaid to us through small, daily payments from all of your credit card receipts. When your business is slow, the payments will decrease. When your business is good, the repayment will work faster!

Easy Qualification

  • Has your business accepted credit card payments for at least 4 months?
  • Is your monthly MasterCard/Visa volume at least $5,000?

How We Give You Cash

We calculate your monthly credit card processing volume and we can advance you based upon your average and gross sales. After we fund your merchant cash advance we holdback a small percentage of your future credit card sales until the balance on your advance is satisfied. Apply now and get cash for your business within 5 days or less!

Benefits For Our Merchant Cash Advance Special

  • No liens or collateral
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • No check writing
  • No impact on the ability for your business to qualify for other financing
  • No restrictions on the use of the funding
  • No hassles – fast funding and quick application process.

National Business Capital is not a typical cash advance company. We have many options for repayment and cash advance amounts. Our senior business consultants can help put your business into one of our programs based on your needs. Apply now for a no cost, no obligation approval. Our online application process will only take 3 minutes and you will receive an answer on your approval status within 24 hours.

How Much Do You Need?