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National Business Capital Breaks Down the Barrier to Growth for Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry

Hauppauge, NY – National Business Capital, a leading SMB FinTech marketplace of 75+ lenders, is taking great strides to help entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry secure the funds they need to grow without giving up equity.

Previously, the sector was limited to equity financing, which would sacrifice a percentage of the owner’s proprietorship in exchange for capital. If an entrepreneur faced a challenge or opportunity, they had to cut other areas of their balance sheet to afford the expense or locate an investor who was interested in purchasing a stake in their business.

Let’s say that company needed $200,000 to accomplish its goals. If their business is valued at $1 million, they would have to sell 20% of their ownership stake to the investor to secure that $200,000. Losing 20% of your ownership isn’t an easy thing to do, especially if you’ve put time and effort into getting your business off the ground, which limited the options for entrepreneurs trying to grow and expand in this space.

Federal laws, state regulations, and an overarching stigma against cannabis made it impossible for traditional lenders to finance these businesses. The restrictions undoubtedly stifled the industry’s growth, but now, the same entrepreneurs who struggled now have a powerful ally in their corner—National Business Capital.

National, the leading SMB FinTech marketplace, breaks down the barriers to growth for entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Recently, they helped a distribution company reach a $750,000 approval to fund the purchase of a pre-roll machine that would increase their efficiency and free up workers to assist in more critical areas of the business. An approval of this caliber was a dream come true for the entrepreneur, as he wouldn’t have been able to afford the equipment without National’s unique approach to business financing.

NBC’s team also helped a CBD company secure $54,000 for expansion costs and the down payment on a new location. Other companies have leveraged National’s service to help them fund marketing campaigns, inventory orders, and more—the possibilities are endless with their award-winning team.

The introduction of debt financing will allow the cannabis industry to grow immensely. Now, entrepreneurs in this space can secure additional funding to capitalize on opportunities to grow, expand, and reach their full potential, but it will also make the industry more competitive. Growth will happen faster, and if you’re behind the curve, you might find yourself playing catch up while the cannabis businesses around you finance their development and set their plans into motion. But don’t worry—you can follow suit by contacting National and having their team do the heavy lifting for you.

Any entrepreneur in the cannabis industry has a friend, ally, and powerful financing partner in National Business Capital. They’ve secured $2 billion in financing since 2007 and financed some of the first debt deals in the sector, making them uniquely capable of helping you secure the funds you need to grow.

About National Business Capital

National Business Capital is a top-rated FinTech financial firm that offers small business loans to small businesses looking for growth capital. Harnessing the power of innovative technology and smart people, National Business Capital has streamlined the approval process to secure over $1 billion in financing for small business owners to date. Its expert Business Financing Advisors work within a 75+ Lender Marketplace to secure easy access to the best low-interest SBA loans, short and long-term loans and business lines of credit. We strengthen local communities one small business loan at a time. For every deal we fund, we donate 10 meals to Feeding America!

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Last Updated on December 16, 2022

National Business Capital helps entrepreneurs secure quick and fair financing to save time and cultivate sustainable growth.

Our stress-free online platform is designed for simplicity and speed, helping business owners go from application to approval in a matter of hours. And while we remain a leader in the Fintech industry, our clients agree it’s our personalized service and award-winning team that sets us apart.

From SBA loans to lines of credit, to equipment financing, and more, business owners can access all the different financing programs available to them in one place. Through our streamlined process, we have helped clients secure $2 billion in financing since 2007, and, more importantly, we’ve helped entrepreneurs save a tremendous amount of time and grow faster.

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