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The #1 CPA Partnership Program

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Solve Your Clients Needs & Strengthen Your Relationship

The Business Growth Advisors at National put together this free Ebook for CPAs just like you to show you how our CPA Partnership Program helps you fully satisfy each and every client, from the highest-quality profiles to the most challenged... While earning upwards of six figures each year in extra revenue (if allowed)!

Learn How Our CPA PArtnership Program Helps You:

  • Earn Thousands Each Year In Referral Fees (If Allowed)
  • Fund Clients with Bankruptcies, Tax Liens and Judgements
  • Fund Clients When Banks Can't
  • Build Your Reputation, & Strengthen Relationships
  • And more!

Justin of Chicago, IL

CPA Partner of 5 years

I have nothing but good things to say about Tyler and the rest of the team at National. I’ve been sending my clients over to them for the past 2 years. They satisfy not only my clients, but myself as well. Tyler helps answer any question I may have, and makes the funding process as simple as possible. If you or your clients are in need of financing, do not hesitate to reach out to National and ask for Tyler!