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Sharon Mora

National Business Capital advised that Sharon secure two different types of financing: invoice factoring to cover the labor and ingredient costs needed to produce her yogurt, and accounts receivable financing to bridge the distributor’s slow payment. “Their financing advisors were extremely courteous and professional, and paid close attention to what I believed was best for my business—I’ve never experienced this level of care anywhere else. They were right there with me every step of the way, and even checked in to see how I was doing in between!” “They were able to get me access to the perfect funding I needed in under 24 hours. I’m still in disbelief as to how simple and fast they made the whole process. They even prepared all my paperwork for me, which saved me so much time and energy (thank God). I was able to purchase all the inventory I needed, and ev...

- Sharon Mora
Dr. Ripa

It was great working with Josh G. He was very comprehensive, there wasn’t a minute where I was confused. Josh explained the process to me step by step and held constant communication. If he missed my call, he’d call me back and let me know what to expect next. There was a lot of paperwork but he was happy to guide me through it. There were other companies I considered but the term lengths didn’t work for the companies needs. The loan I received from National Business Capital made me feel comfortable knowing I had enough time to pay it off and provided me with the funds to upgrade my equipment which we are so excited for.

- Dr. Ripa

I am extremely pleased with Josh from National Business Capital. Our company recently took on a major account which required us to raise capital immediately to fund the positions. I spoke with several lenders and banks who gave me options that would take weeks to fund. They also had very high fees. Luckily, I was introduced to Josh who not only got us funded within a few days, but he did all of the work. It was a completely seamless process for us and the best part is, National Business Capital was the most economical choice of all of the lenders or banks. I can’t thank Josh and National enough for their services! I will continue to recommend National Business Capital.

- George
Security Business Owner

Mr. Josh Gold, I want to take a minute to commend your professionalism and success. I have worked unsuccessfully with a number of companies in an effort to find short-term financing, but from my first conversation with you, I felt comfortable and at ease talking with you and sharing my business details. Unlike other companies, you provided clear and concise expectations and you worked hard to help put forward a positive picture in order to obtain the best possible outcome. The successful outcome was an additional benefit to working with you. I thank you and hope to continue our relationship.

- James

Wow!!! What a wonderful experience we had working with Josh Gold. I never knew getting financing can be that easy and so quick. Everything was done through email and boom in a day I had funds in my account. I would recommend everyone who needs small capital to reach out to Josh at National Business Capital. Thanks, Josh, you are wonderful. :)

- Gwen
Leslie D.

National Business Capital got me the SBA funding I needed when no one else could. I’d like to personally thank the Business Financing Advisors for sticking by me throughout the entire process, and going above and beyond to make sure everything went as quickly and easily as possible. They even helped me get approved when I didn’t qualify anywhere else. With the immediate funding included, I was able to pay off my tax lien to get qualified. The extra capital was so helpful to have around while I waited for the Hybridge SBA to finish processing. I got my SBA funds in about 45 days, which was faster than I could've ever hoped for. I used my Hybridge SBA Loan to hire staff, boost my inventory, and triple the size of my music shop—without having to wait at all. I could tell that they really wanted what was best for me and my business, which is a very rare find in this day an...

- Leslie D.
Ryan D.

I met Josh Gold of National Business Capital over the phone on June 13th 2018. Only a few weeks ago. I only called because I received some correspondence in the mail about a potential business loan for my company. I wasn’t going to call, because I tried to get a business loan previously a few months earlier with my personal bank and with another company and it didn’t go so well, however, I decided to call the day before the offer expired and I’m so glad I did. The receptionist transferred me to Josh Gold and right away I knew this was going to be a good business transaction even if it didn’t go the way I was hoping it to go, because the first thing Josh told me after I explained my situation to him, was that he was a straight shooter and he was going to be upfront & tell it to me like it is. I really liked that about him because I’m the same exact way. With that be...

- Ryan D.
President & CEO of Business Tax Services
Tracy Halmos

Being a woman in business is one of the most rewarding things of my career. I never thought I'd have my own practice when I started, however, 16 years later, I'm still going strong. I'd like to encourage all women who are thinking about going into business for themselves. If I had one thing to say to encourage women to do this, it'd be, DO IT!!! Since opening my practice, I've also started a retail business with a massage therapy tool I created. I needed more capital to get it off the ground. That's when I got in touch with NATIONAL BUSINESS CAPITAL! They were AMAZING. Our relationship manager has really helped us in such an unexpected way. We are so grateful to them for helping us get our feet on the ground with our new project. Just another reason why being a woman in business is so rewarding. Work hard... Play hard... Reap the benefits! Tracy Halmos, MPT, ATC, CSCS

- Tracy Halmos

I’ll be honest, I had other offers from business lenders when I was talking to National Business Capital but once I spoke to Josh and learned more about National, it was a no brainer. National didn’t only provide me financing to grow my business but they provided me with the STRATEGY to use my financing to grow smarter. Thank you, Josh and Kevin, for working with me to find something that worked best for me and best for my business.

- Mike N., Emblem Athletic
Tonya Mullins

I’ve struggled getting banks to take my business seriously from the start. Then I found National Business Capital’ Empowerment Loan program for women, and signed up right away. Applying took me less than a minute, and I was surprised to find out how many awesome funding options I actually qualified for. Thomas guided me through the process with speed, efficiency and kindness from start to finish, and helped me get the working capital I needed to upgrade equipment, and take on more jobs. Empowering women entrepreneurs makes a huge difference in many ways—thanks for making it happen, National!

- Tonya Mullins
General Contractor