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How to Get High Risk Business Loans with Bad Credit

Access to a solid source of capital as needed is crucial for any business to grow and expand. Every business is unique, and so the best type of business loan that would benefit a company most varies depending on the needs and goals of each individual business. However, for businesses with bad credit, the financingRead More

How to Get Business Loans with Bad Credit

With larger amounts, longer terms lower interest rates, NBC’s business loans for bad credit provide a helping hand to those who wish to grow their businesses when others don’t. Getting any kind of help from banks is hard enough – even with immaculate business credit. For those with less-than-impressive business credit, getting the financing youRead More

6 Business Loans for Bad Credit That You Can Apply for Right Now

When it comes to obtaining a bank loan, bad credit isn’t just a thorny issue: it’s an immovable obstacle. Indeed, for reasons that have little to do with reducing risk and much to do with generating profit, over the last decade banks have severely tightened up their small business lending requirements. In particular they insistRead More

3 Critical Facts About Bad Credit Equipment Loans

Like many business owners, you need an equipment loan to increase your operational capacity and ultimately generate more profit. If you feel as if a bad credit score is standing between you and that critical goal, you don’t have to start selling assets or equity. First, check out these 3 critical facts about bad creditRead More

How to Get Bad Credit Equipment Financing

As you have likely experienced, trying — and failing — to get bad credit equipment financing is one of the most frustrating vicious cycles on the business landscape. On the one hand, you need to upgrade or purchase new equipment in order to generate revenues and profits, open accounts, pay your bills, and ultimately strengthenRead More

Can You Get Restaurant Loans with Bad Credit?

The answer to “can you get restaurant loans with bad credit?” depends on who you ask. If your inquiry is made to a bank, then the answer is a definitive no. Banks are reluctant to approve business loans for restaurants in the first place, given how volatile the industry can be (e.g. complex supply chain,Read More

How to Escape the SBA Loan Bad Credit Trap

If you are considering a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan to increase your working capital, then there’s some good news and bad news that you need to know. First, the good news: compared to many other types of loans, SBA loans are relatively cheaper (in terms of total cost of borrowing), and the repayment periodRead More

How to Get Business Loans with Bad Credit

According to data generated by the credit bureau Experian, 30 percent of people have bad credit (i.e. scores lower than 601), and when you include the number of people who have little or no credit history, the proportion of credit-challenged individuals surges even higher.   In the past — which on today’s lending landscape isRead More

How to Get a Business Loan with Low Credit

If you have low a credit score, then be assured you aren’t alone. In fact, nearly one-third of U.S. adults have a credit score under 601, and the proportion is rising each year. With such a large population of U.S. adults having low credit scores, you’d think that banks would be more accommodating of smallRead More

How to Keep Cash on Hand

When it comes to running a business, one of the most important things you need is cash flow. But we all know how tough it can be to keep cash on hand when there are so many expenses needing to be paid.  For those tough times, National Business Capital can offer business finance. For nowRead More

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