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Why Are Business Loans for Women so Hard to Get?

Now, more than at any time in history, women of all ages have grabbed the reigns of business ownership, and are generating both direct and indirect employment and economic activity. Securing the right financing option such as a business loan for women is (or rather—can be) the easiest and quickest way for women-owned businesses toRead More

4 Innovative Ways to Use a Restaurant Loan for Business Growth

There are many conventional — as in tried and true— ways to use a restaurant loan for business growth, such as: opening new locations, adding new menu items, hiring new staff, buying new equipment (e.g. ovens, freezers, fryers, etc.), and renovating space.

Accounts Receivable Financing 101: The Process and Key Benefits

Accounts receivable financing is a way for businesses to use pending customer payments as collateral for an advance of funds. While lender policies vary, generally businesses can expect to receive around 75-85 percent of the value of their receivables (more on this below).  

4 Best Practices for Getting Automotive Business Financing

Many firms in the automotive sector — such as repair shops, new and used car dealerships, rental agencies, retailers, rust proofers, body shops, detailers and parts manufacturers — rely on a line of credit to support day-to-operations. However, to cover larger expenses or investments, it’s often necessary to take a more strategic approach to cashRead More

3 Critical Facts About Bad Credit Equipment Loans

Like many business owners, you need an equipment loan to increase your operational capacity and ultimately generate more profit. If you feel as if a bad credit score is standing between you and that critical goal, you don’t have to start selling assets or equity. First, check out these 3 critical facts about bad creditRead More

Working Capital Loan 101: The Basics

If you’re a business owner in search of additional funding, then you’ve discovered (or will soon discover) that there’s MUCH more choice on today’s business lending landscape than in years past.   

Managing Seasonal Demand in Retail: 3 Ways to Maximize a Business Loan

While much of the business world breaks the annual calendar down into months and quarters, retailers focus on seasons. Surprisingly these seasons are not those that come courtesy of Mother Nature, in fact the seasons that concern retailers are based on spikes and lulls in customer demand.  

An Introduction to Equipment Loans: 5 Things You Need to Know

At first glance, an article that covers the basics of equipment loans may seem rather pointless. After all, aren’t equipment loans used for purchasing equipment? Well, the answer may surprise you and help you understand why there’s more to the story! First of all: yes, equipment loans are indeed used for purchasing equipment. But thereRead More

How to Maximize ROI from a Merchant Cash Advance

Whether you need a capital infusion to cover a seasonal cash flow shortfall, want to expand into a new area, have decided that it’s time to stop dreaming of a renovation and actually make it happen — or any other reason — the fact remains that you want to get the most value from aRead More

3 Questions to Ask Financing Companies Before Making Your Choice

As you know or will soon discover, there are many financing companies in the marketplace — and probably far more than you expected. This is good news, because it means you have plenty of choices, and various companies will compete for your business and loyalty. Ironically however, this can also present a challenge, because atRead More

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