business loan collateral

Key Advice Regarding Collateral for Business Loans

At National Business Capital, we offer both unsecured and secured business loans. For example, our equipment financing, purchase order financing, and invoice financing (factoring) loans are all secured. However, the collateral for business loans that we require is actually integrated with the respective funding solutions themselves: Our equipment financing uses the equipment to be purchasedRead More

Collateral Business Loans 101

One of the biggest sources of confusion on the business lending landscape has to do with the concept of collateral. Specifically, many borrowers aren’t sure if they need to provide collateral and, if so, what happens to their assets if they miss a loan payment. To help unravel this confusion, here is a high-level overviewRead More

Business Loan Collateral De-Mystified: When You Need it — and When You Don’t

Many banks make the claim that business loan collateral is an “absolute must.” They say there is no grey area, no room for discussion, and no other option. Applicants either supply sufficient business loan collateral — which is often a mix of business and personal assets — or they don’t get a loan. End ofRead More

How Much Do You Need?