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7 Ways Merchant Cash Advances Are Not What You Think

It used to be that merchant cash advances (MCA) was generally seen as shady deals made by professional scam artists, used to rob unwary business owners all their worth.   However:   National Business Capital is constantly flooded with success stories from businesses across the country that have used merchant cash advances to grow and expandRead More

What Does Factor Rate Mean?

If you’ve taken out a short-term business loan, or if you’ve applied for a merchant capital advance lately, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the term “factor rate” in some capacity. Simply put, a factor rate (or money factor) is a way of expressing the amount of interest that a bank or alternative lenderRead More

How to Maximize ROI from a Merchant Cash Advance

Whether you need a capital infusion to cover a seasonal cash flow shortfall, want to expand into a new area, have decided that it’s time to stop dreaming of a renovation and actually make it happen — or any other reason — the fact remains that you want to get the most value from aRead More

What is a Merchant Cash Advance & Is It Right for Your Business?

A merchant cash advance is an innovative business financing option that is growing in popularity, especially among small and mid-sized businesses in the retail space. The first thing to note is that, essentially, a merchant cash advance isn’t a loan. Rather, it’s an on future payment card sales — e.g. debit cards and credit cards.Read More

Plan Ahead to Maximize Profits

Who’s ready for summer fun? Fourth of July festivities! B-B-Q! Picnics! Boating! Finally, it’s time to take some well deserved time off and enjoy some summer relaxation. Or, you could start thinking about the cold weather and the holiday season to come. Yes, now is a great time to plan ahead and prepare for oneRead More

Managing Cash Flow

Chances are, money is not your business, but without it, you have no business. While you likely excel at the services you offer or products you supply, it is necessary for you to have a good understanding of cash flow and how it can affect your business. Money IS our business here at National BusinessRead More

Business Financing That Protects Against Winter Weather

It’s been a long winter for many parts of the country and business owners find themselves facing financial dilemmas they may not have planned on. Even those who are most proficient with business finance can not always prepare for unexpected cruelty by mother nature. Businesses in the north may prepare for a certain amount ofRead More

Business Financing for the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year ….. almost! Believe it or not, the holiday season will soon be upon us. Stores will soon rid themselves of ghosts and goblins and replace them with turkeys, pilgrims, menorahs, and Christmas trees. Does your business have the financing in place to maximize this year’s holiday profits?

Restaurant Financing Made Simple!

Restaurants needs financing. It is as simple as that. Obtaining restaurant financing, however, is not simple. 

Which Business Funding is Right for You?

When it comes to funding a business, knowledge is power. There are numerous types of National Business Capital available to entrepreneurs and the savvy business owner will understand the importance of choosing the right one. The professionals at National Business Capital have a keen understanding of business funding and are available to assist you.

How Much Do You Need?