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3 Fastest Restaurant Business Loans to Prepare for Spring NOW

Spring is finally here, and food lovers everywhere are coming out of hiding. For the majority of restaurants in the US, this means a boost in sales by as much as 20%, as winter comes to an end. Restaurant owners across the country are securing restaurant business loans from National Business Capital in preparation ofRead More

Restaurant Business Loans: Is Long-Term Financing Right for You?

For many restaurant owners, short-term restaurant business loans provide the fast access to capital they need to accelerate the growth of their business.     However, if you’re a restaurant owner with plans to use restaurant business loans in order to:         Purchase, Expand, or Remortgage Commercial Real Estate Open a Franchise LocationRead More

3 Ways to Utilize Business Funding to Combat Decreasing Restaurant Sales

As a restaurant owner, watching your sales numbers tumble from week-to-week or month-to-month is the last thing you want to see. Indeed, not understanding how to combat decreasing restaurant sales is a helpless feeling –– especially if you’ve been successful in the past. The crucial thing to remember though, is if you find yourself staringRead More

Restaurant Loans for Bad Credit: How to Get the Funding You Need

The restaurant industry isn’t for the faint of heart; to succeed in it, an aspiring restaurant entrepreneur must have an intrepid spirit, streetwise judgement, and an uncanny knowledge of their customer base. As such, restaurants can be a volatile place to cut one’s financial teeth. And banks can be hesitant (to put it mildly) toRead More

4 Innovative Ways to Use a Restaurant Loan for Business Growth

There are many conventional — as in tried and true— ways to use a restaurant loan for business growth, such as: opening new locations, adding new menu items, hiring new staff, buying new equipment (e.g. ovens, freezers, fryers, etc.), and renovating space.

4 Ways to Leverage Equipment Financing to Grow Your Restaurant

There’s no such thing as the status quo in the restaurant industry. Things are constantly changing: trends, customers, costs, staff, regulations, opportunities, and the list goes on. As such, what often separates restaurants that thrive from those that struggle — even during lean times — isn’t a question of effort: it’s a matter of leverage.Read More

3 Costly Misconceptions About Restaurant Loans

Successful restaurant owners need to be experts in many areas, including one that they may not have anticipated: capital management. Indeed, while managing cash flow and covering finance gaps is important in all industries and sectors, for restaurant owners it is often the difference between being in the black or red — and in theRead More

Can You Get Restaurant Loans with Bad Credit?

The answer to “can you get restaurant loans with bad credit?” depends on who you ask. If your inquiry is made to a bank, then the answer is a definitive no. Banks are reluctant to approve business loans for restaurants in the first place, given how volatile the industry can be (e.g. complex supply chain,Read More

Which Type of Restaurant Financing is Right for You?

Whether your customer base is comprised of fine diners or fast foodies, the fact remains that sooner or later you’re going to need a cash infusion to keep your restaurant strong and successful. However, knowing which type of restaurant financing is right for you can be confusing. To point you in the right direction, hereRead More

4 Critical Questions to Ask Before Getting a Restaurant Loan

Restaurant owners certainly know that when cash stops flowing — even for a month, let alone a quarter — then it might just be a matter of time before layoffs loom, suppliers turn off the credit taps, and the “restaurant for sale” ads hit the (virtual or print) presses. At the same time, restaurant ownersRead More

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