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SBA Loan Default: What Happens When You Can’t Pay?

Defaulting on a loan isn’t something any small business owner wants to think about. And why would they? After all, no one goes into a financial venture anticipating failure. However, the reality is, sometimes things don’t work out. Even though companies are required to go through a rigorous vetting process meant to determine if they’llRead More

SBA Loan Requirements: The Ultimate Checklist

Landing an SBA loan can prove a tremendous coup for any small business. Indeed, not only will you gain access to a substantial sum of capital with an SBA loan, you’ll also receive a low interest rate, and enjoy the luxury of a long-term payment plan to go along with it. Simply put, an SBARead More

How to Expedite Getting an SBA Loan

Search around long enough online about small businesses and sooner than later you’ll come across the phrase “small businesses are the backbone of our economy.” That might be a cliche, but as with any old saying, there has to be truth in it for it to have gained so much traction. Indeed, even with theRead More

How to Escape the SBA Loan Bad Credit Trap

If you are considering a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan to increase your working capital, then there’s some good news and bad news that you need to know. First, the good news: compared to many other types of loans, SBA loans are relatively cheaper (in terms of total cost of borrowing), and the repayment periodRead More

How Much Do You Need?