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When Does it Make Sense to Get a Secured Business Loan?

A secured business loan is business funding that is backed by pledged assets — which can include physical items like vehicles, inventory and real estate, or securities like bonds, mortgages, accounts receivables. While each lender has its own policies, many will allow borrowers who don’t have sufficient business collateral to make up the shortfall withRead More

3 Ways That Business Funding Helps Restaurants Overcome Seasonal Slumps

For restaurants in Las Vegas, the dreaded time of year is summer when temperatures routinely reach into the triple-digits (and that’s in the shade)! For restaurants based in the Northeast, the period of the calendar that inspires the most terror is frigid February when a mix of post-holiday consumer debt and blistering cold weather keepsRead More

How Business Funding Solves 3 Seasonal Problems that Contractors Face

Running a successful contracting business is personally rewarding and can be professionally lucrative. Indeed, while businesses in other fields might ambitiously aim for a 10 or 20 percent year-over-year revenue increase, contractors that develop key relationships and establish a strong reputation can enjoy exponential growth in a short period of time.  

Collateral for Business Loans – The What, Who and Why

One of the biggest sources of confusion in the commercial funding marketplace has to do with collateral for business loans: what it is, who determines valuation, and why it’s necessary — or in some cases, why it isn’t. To help you safely navigate the landscape of business loan collateral, here are the basics:

What is a Business Credit Report & How Do You Get One?

Similar to a personal credit report — but with some important difference, which we’ll cover in a moment — a business credit report provides prospective lenders, vendors, investors, suppliers, partners, and sometimes even customers (especially in large-scale or high-profile B2B or B2G transactions) with information about a business’s overall credit worthiness and/or trustworthiness. For example,Read More

5 Signs That Inventory Financing Might be the Right Funding Solution for Your Business

If you’re in the market for business funding, then you’ve already discovered (or will very shortly find out!) that there are many different products available. Especially if you head into the alternative funding marketplace, there are fewer restrictions and therefore more options to choose from. As you’re browsing funding options, one lesser known option thatRead More

Key Advice Regarding Collateral for Business Loans

At National Business Capital, we offer both unsecured and secured business loans. For example, our equipment financing, purchase order financing, and invoice financing (factoring) loans are all secured. However, the collateral for business loans that we require is actually integrated with the respective funding solutions themselves: Our equipment financing uses the equipment to be purchasedRead More

4 Reasons Why Business Should Embrace Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is one of the most innovative and advantageous business funding solutions available. Here are the 4 key reasons why this option is growing in popularity, and helping businesses of all sizes stay strong and successful:

3 Reasons Why Crowdfunding Your Business Financing is a Bad Idea

Everyone loves those out-of-the-blue, lightning-in-a-bottle epic business success stories, where an entrepreneur (or maybe a group of college friends) raises millions of dollars through crowdfunding. It’s a feel-good story and makes us believe that anyone with a great solution, at the right time, can go from flying economy one year, to chartering a private jetRead More

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