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What is a Small Business Loan, and How Do They Work?

What is a Small Business Loan? The phrase “small business loan” is an umbrella term for any funding option designed specifically for small business use. What makes them so great for small businesses? They’re fast, they’re efficient, and they’re easy to get! Flexible terms, minimal requirements, and loose qualifications make small business loans the toolsRead More

3 Overlooked Improvements You Can Use Small Business Loans To Fund

Far too many small business owners don’t understand the full potential a small business loan can afford their company, and as a result, don’t use it to its maximum capabilities. Indeed, it’s an outdated way of thinking, but plenty of entrepreneurs still consider business loans to be a last-ditch option; a desperation ploy when theRead More

Financing for Builders: 3 Loan Programs Catered to You

Construction companies face a host of challenges in financing their projects that other industries never have to contend with. Not only do builders have to account for payroll for staff, leasing equipment, and repairs or upgrades to that equipment, they also have to budget to have enough equity to cover any unforeseen hangups a givenRead More

4 Ways Your Social Media Can Influence Getting a Business Loan

Whether we realize it or not, our presence on social media affects nearly every aspect of our lives. And that includes the financial sector. Indeed, having a vibrant social-media presence can make a positive impact when your small business goes to apply for a loan. (Conversely, having an outdated or unresponsive social media footprint won’tRead More

How to Expedite Getting an SBA Loan

Search around long enough online about small businesses and sooner than later you’ll come across the phrase “small businesses are the backbone of our economy.” That might be a cliche, but as with any old saying, there has to be truth in it for it to have gained so much traction. Indeed, even with theRead More

How to Get Bad Credit Equipment Financing

As you have likely experienced, trying — and failing — to get bad credit equipment financing is one of the most frustrating vicious cycles on the business landscape. On the one hand, you need to upgrade or purchase new equipment in order to generate revenues and profits, open accounts, pay your bills, and ultimately strengthenRead More

How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan

The answer to “how to quality for a small business loan” depends to who you ask. If you ask a bank, then here is just a brief list of the minimum requirements to even be considered for a small business loan, let alone approved for one: Outstanding personal credit score. Outstanding business credit score (manyRead More

Debunking 3 Small Business Loan Myths

At National Business Capital, we believe that informed customers are great customers. After all, obtaining a business loan is an important commitment, and it should only be done after conducting proper research and analysis. As you may have experienced — or hopefully will soon in the very near future — one of the ways thatRead More

Collateral Business Loans 101

One of the biggest sources of confusion on the business lending landscape has to do with the concept of collateral. Specifically, many borrowers aren’t sure if they need to provide collateral and, if so, what happens to their assets if they miss a loan payment. To help unravel this confusion, here is a high-level overviewRead More

What Do You Need to Apply for a Small Business Loan?

There are two very different answers to the question “what do you need to apply for a small business loan?” And that’s because there are two very different types of firms that offer them: banks on one end of the spectrum, and alternative lending firms like National Business Capital on the other. What You NeedRead More

How Much Do You Need?