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How to Get Small Business Loans Without Collateral

Like many business owners, you may be facing a relatively short-term expense such as emergency facility repairs or a higher-than-expected tax bill, or you may be focused on a longer-term investment, such as expanding, upgrading, purchasing new equipment, and so on. In these common situations, getting a small business loan without collateral can be aRead More

Medical Practice Loans: 3 Keys to Getting the Most Value

At National Business Capital, we proudly provide physicians across the country with medical practice loans, so they can continue providing essential care for their respective — and growing — patient rosters. At the same time, we also provide guidance and advice on how physicians can get the most value from their financing. To that end,Read More

3 Questions to Ask Financing Companies Before Making Your Choice

As you know or will soon discover, there are many financing companies in the marketplace — and probably far more than you expected. This is good news, because it means you have plenty of choices, and various companies will compete for your business and loyalty. Ironically however, this can also present a challenge, because atRead More

4 Ways that Small Business Loans Can Increase Leverage and Profits

Often, the most important — and indeed profitable — word in the business vocabulary is leverage. This is because with enough leverage, businesses put themselves in a position to exploit favorable opportunities, and just as importantly, shield against risks and threats. However, most businesses do not have a patent, monopoly, or Apple-like brand equity (andRead More

Are These 3 Business Lending Myths Holding Your Business Back?

Some myths are harmless, or even fun and enjoyable. However, there are times when myths aren’t fun or friendly — in fact, they’re costly and dangerous. Unfortunately, business lending myths fall squarely into the latter bucket. Rather than helping businesses get ahead, they hold them back and bog them down. To help keep your businessRead More

4 Business Loan Mistakes You Must Avoid

For many businesses, adding more working capital is more important than acquiring new customers — since it is often the former that creates the capacity and context for the latter to happen. If you are at this decision point, then here are 4 common business loan mistakes you must avoid to maximize results and flexibility,Read More

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Applying for Small Business Loans

At National Business Capital, each week we meet, speak or chat with hundreds of business owners who have challenges to overcome and opportunities to take advantage of. When we talk with these incredible individuals, our job is to see how we can be part of their success story. To say that we’re a “solutions-oriented” companyRead More

7 Ways that Business Funding Can Generate More Revenue for Your Business

When it comes to getting additional business funding, many business owners think in terms of covering expenses — such as emergency repairs to buildings or vehicles, paying a higher-than-expected tax bill, filling a temporary gap between receivables and payables, and so on. Naturally, these are viable and appropriate uses for business funding. But they certainlyRead More

3 Ways to Use a Restaurant Business Loan to Grow and Expand

While the adage you must “spend money to make money” is true in every industry, it’s especially the case in the restaurant sector because there’s no such thing as maintenance mode. Staying ahead of the curve and making investments now that pay off down the road isn’t just smart business strategy — it’s essential forRead More

What Alternative Small Business Loans are Right for You?

If your small business has been turned down for a bank loan — or based on your research and inquiries, you are certain that your application has “less than zero” chance of making it to the finish line because your credit score is too low, you haven’t been in business long enough, you’re in whatRead More

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