Retailers never thought they’d see the day.

Slowly but surely, malls and shopping centers are introducing short-term pop-up leases to the retail marketplace.

After generations of exclusively multi-year leasing contracts, this new movement is set to change the game for retail businesses of all shapes and sizes in 2019.

A New Age of Temporary Pop-Up Shops

Retailers seeking mall exposure no longer have to make multi-year commitments.

Mall landlords are beginning to offer 6 to 12-month lease agreements in multiple states.

These include those from Macerich Co., as well as the Smith Haven Mall in New York, the Natick Mall in Massachusetts, and more.

This shift in the mall real estate market is literally and ideologically changing the retail landscape forever.

The Age of Equal Opportunity for all Retailers

Mall real estate is no longer reserved for the corporate kings of retail.

2019 is the age of equal opportunity for retailers of all ages, sizes and backgrounds.

New and smaller businesses that would otherwise never consider signing into a multi-year commitment now have an easier, less-consequential opportunity to get mall exposure.

Online retailers considering expanding their businesses to include brick-and-mortar shops can test the waters of face-to-face engagement, before diving deep.

2019’s New Playing Field for Retail Giants

Lego, Wayfair and Amazon are among the biggest corporations already taking advantage of this new opportunity.

The ability to rent shopping space short-term opens up huge opportunities for larger retailers to host top-level marketing and sales events.

Displays, discounts, customer engagement, contests, and general exposure – all in one place, for a fraction of the price.

It’s still unclear how this will eventually affect the demand of short-term real estate, and in turn how leasing prices may change moving forward.

Whereas temporary pop-up stands are relatively cheap at the moment, increasing demand from corporate entities may very well raise leasing prices moving forward.

Mall Outcasts Invited

Normally, it wouldn’t make sense to see pop ups for real estate companies or law firms at the mall.

However, these are exactly the kind of mall outcasts we’re likely to see more of in 2019.

It used to be that such companies had no place in shopping centers. Why waste money multi-year contract to advertise to an audience that’s largely uninterested?

Nowadays, temporary pop ups are bound to become stellar marketing strategies in the eyes of businesses from every industry.

Especially the one’s you’d never expect to show up in a mall.

After all, why not?

Suddenly, cheap exposure, brand awareness, and face-to-face customer familiarity become opportunities that virtually any company can grasp.

A Second Chance at Life for the Recently Deceased

Remember how Toys ‘R’ Us closed down? How about Blockbuster?

Maybe the chance that retailers have now for cheaper, smaller-scale exposure was just what they needed to survive.

Temporary pop up leases gives the recently deceased – and those about to check out –  a second chance at life.

That’s right – this includes stores like Toys R Us, which filed for bankruptcy, but hasn’t completely kicked the bucket just yet.

With the (very strong) possibility of a comeback thanks to some very excited investors, new temporary pop up lease agreements may be just what the doctor ordered for stores like Toys R Us to grace our lives with their presence once again.

6+ Months of Growth:
The Best Business Decision You Could Make

Don’t let the ~$5-10K price tag (depending on location) turn you away from this incredible opportunity.

Even 6 months of brand exposure to thousands of people when you’d otherwise have none is one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make.

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