The Trade War Begins: Chinese Steel Fights Back

Despite warnings of retaliation from Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump’s tariffs on foreign metal imports went into effect mid-March. A month later, the Chinese steel industry is now revealing plans to fight back, effectively starting the international “trade war” long-prophesied by expert economists.   NBC is reaching out to as many US manufacturers, construction companiesRead More

Commercial Vehicle Loans: 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners from every industry are contacting NBC’s financing advisors with questions about the benefits of using commercial vehicle loans to finance their business goals.     Here’s the answers to the top 4 questions clients are asking NBC’s financing advisors about commercial vehicle financing:       Q1:  What Qualifies as a Commercial Vehicle?Read More

Trump’s Steel Tariffs: Are You Prepared?

President Trump’s aluminum and steel tariffs are leaving the heads of business owners around the world scratching their heads—along with members of his own party.   For business owners still curious as to how Trump’s tariffs are affecting their businesses (despite Wilbur Ross’ enlightening soup can analogy), the financing advisors at National Business Capital brokeRead More

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Accountant

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you know there’s more to your success than simply being passionate about your product. After you put your team together and start putting out products, you realize pretty quickly that you need to do some more complicated business management tasks – like accounting. If you’re the type of businessRead More

Factors to Consider when Leasing Equipment

When looking to upgrade or replace business equipment it’s wise to make cost-effective purchasing decisions. Buy new equipment and it is yours, but at a cost. Have you dipped too far into your equity for an item that will only depreciate? Does your business require the top of the line model yet you can onlyRead More

How Much Do You Need?