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7 Ways Merchant Cash Advances Are Not What You Think

It used to be that merchant cash advances (MCA) was generally seen as shady deals made by professional scam artists, used to rob unwary business owners all their worth.     However:   National Business Capital is constantly flooded with success stories from businesses across the country that have used merchant cash advances to grow andRead More

New Restaurant Troubles & How to Avoid Them with Business Funding

Opening a successful restaurant from scratch is one of the most difficult undertakings any entrepreneur could conceivably accomplish. Partially because so much can go wrong in the restaurant industry so quickly, partially because industry trends are so difficult to predict –– the bottom line is that owning a restaurant is hard work. While we can’tRead More

Before You Apply for an Online Business Loan…

Every business owner attempts to plan for the future as much as possible. Indeed, a mark of any successful entrepreneur is the ability to plan ahead for both good times and bad. However, sometimes conditions outside of your control affect your ability to focus on long-term goals and instead redirect your attention back to theRead More

Why Are Business Loans for Women so Hard to Get?

Now, more than at any time in history, women of all ages have grabbed the reigns of business ownership, and are generating both direct and indirect employment and economic activity. That’s the good news! The bad news is that women continue to face obstacles that prevent them from getting business loans, and reaching their fullRead More

Are Prime Lending Rate Hikes Putting Your Business In Danger?

The Federal Reserve has been steadily raising the prime lending rate since 2017, causing confusion among business owners nationwide. Should you be worried? Use this guide created by NBC’s business financing advisors to make sense of the recent prime lending rate hikes, and find out whether or not your business is in danger.   WhatRead More

4 Ways Virtual Surgery is Shaping the Future of Medical Technology

The medical technology industry is expected to be worth $467 billion by the year 2020, due to the introduction of such technological wonders as virtual surgery simulations in hospitals and medical practices.   National Business Capital is receiving calls from hospitals and medical practices across the country for help in securing virtual surgery technology, givingRead More

Are Unsecured Business Loans a Bad Idea?

In theory, unsecured business loans are the perfect finance options for many business owners. However, as enticing as no collateral requirements may seem, the word “unsecured” raises a red flag for some. Here are some questions to consider before deciding if getting an unsecured business loan is a bad idea for your business: What Makes aRead More

Business Tax Deductions: Do You Qualify?

According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), the state of the current economy is the best it’s been in over thirty years for businesses nationwide. This is largely due to new economic policies put into place by Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, including business tax deductions, and less government regulation.   Does yourRead More

Restaurant Business Loans: Is Long-Term Financing Right for You?

For many restaurant owners, short-term restaurant business loans provide the fast access to capital they need to accelerate the growth of their business.     However, if you’re a restaurant owner with plans to use restaurant business loans in order to:         Purchase, Expand, or Remortgage Commercial Real Estate Open a Franchise LocationRead More

The Trade War Begins: Chinese Steel Fights Back

Despite warnings of retaliation from Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump’s tariffs on foreign metal imports went into effect mid-March. A month later, the Chinese steel industry is now revealing plans to fight back, effectively starting the international “trade war” long-prophesied by expert economists.   NBC is reaching out to as many US manufacturers, construction companiesRead More

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