How to Bypass Slow Healthcare Insurance Payments

Slow insurance payments are making it harder than ever for healthcare professionals of all kinds to overcome small challenges such as paying their bills, as well as those seeking to grow and develop their practice by hiring staff, expanding their building, or purchasing equipment.   Unpredictable Reimbursement Over 30% of all patients will leave medicalRead More

Virtual Reality is Shaping the Future of Medical Technology

Over 1 billion medical practices in hospitals are expected to use virtual reality software by 2020, for the benefit of both doctors and their patients. With virtual reality consoles such as the Occulus Rift, combined with specialized VR software for surgeons, chiropractors, general practitioners, and all kinds of healthcare professionals, doctors are providing safer, faster, and moreRead More

Dental 3D Printers are Changing Oral Practices Forever

Demand for complex dental, orthodontic and maxillofacial work is expected to grow 19% by 2026, according to statistics taken in January 2018 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  With less than 15% of all dental specialists in the US able to perform these procedures fully in-house due to a lack of resources, business ownersRead More

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Accountant

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you know there’s more to your success than simply being passionate about your product. After you put your team together and start putting out products, you realize pretty quickly that you need to do some more complicated business management tasks – like accounting. If you’re the type of businessRead More

NBC Prepares Medical Community for Big Changes

National Business Capital, an alternative financing group headquartered in Bohemia, New York, announced today that the firm is prepared to assist members of the medical community through its specialized Loans for Doctors and Equipment Financing programs. These financing options are in response to the shift in healthcare toward greater technology-focused diagnoses, applications, equipment and treatments.Read More

Why Not Investing in New Equipment Could Be Costing Doctors Money

Many physicians and other medical practitioners are slowly coming to the realization that their office is not solely about patient care, but is also a viable business. That understanding may come slowly when heretofore, their appointment schedule has been fully booked and their waiting room crowded. It becomes obvious that a paradigm has shifted whenRead More

Top Reasons Why Medical Offices Consider Alternative Financing

In recent years, physicians and other healthcare providers who have been dissatisfied with long financing timelines at traditional lenders have turned for financing assistance to alternative financing companies. Here are some of the chief reasons for this paradigm shift:

Equipment Funding for the Healthcare Industry

From an oncology suite to a dentist’s office, the machinery and equipment that medical specialists use for diagnosis and treatment is key in delivering quality patient care. Therefore, when any medical equipment requires replacement before its projected end date, financing for its replacement must be located quickly.

Equipment Leasing for Dental Office Upgrades

Dentists are medical practitioners who provide valuable services to their patients and to their communities. Yet over the last few decades, the services that dental practices provide have been expanding. Whereas formerly one dentist would treat an entire family, now there are specialized practices who provide care only for children and just for the elderly.Read More

Short Term Physician Funding

Your practice has reached the point where it requires another partner to continue to provide optimal care while accommodating more patients. Your new partner has brought his own equipment which provides considerable savings. However, a working capital shortfall is projected until he brings in sufficient revenue to cover his salary, medical supplies, and additional labRead More

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