Spring means a big jump in construction jobs as businesses and individuals look for experienced contractors to bring to life the projects they’ve been planning throughout the winter.

How can you make sure your company is first in their minds when they’re considering who to call? Try these six construction marketing strategies to snag the best jobs this spring.

Master Website SEO Basics

Whether you’re just setting up your website or have been established online for years, you can’t go wrong with smart SEO tactics. Research keywords for your niche and location, and include them in:

  • Page content
  • Image ALT tags
  • Meta information

A regular posting schedule is another essential item for your website SEO checklist. Have in-house writers or experienced third-party content creators contribute keyword-rich content to boost your brand’s visibility for relevant keywords in search results.

To get high-quality backlinks, connect with industry influencers willing to mention or share your content with their followers.

Build a Better Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

Ad targeting in PPC and social media marketing campaigns is some of the best advertising for contractors. Create audiences sharing the traits common among customers who have contacted you, and incorporate information to narrow the focus further.

Write ad copy geared toward the specific needs of each audience. Use the keywords people are likely to search for when researching construction companies, and test different combinations until you find what’s most effective. Targeting your digital advertising in this way can boost your ROI by bringing in better leads and increasing conversions.

Rethink How to Do Social Media

Social media presence is a necessary component of digital construction marketing, and it’s easier to maintain with help from a content management tool or social media manager.

Outsourcing means someone else handles your social media post ideas by curating content, sharing relevant links and promoting through branded advertising.

The popularity of visual elements in social media marketing gives your construction company a great opportunity to show off past projects and provide useful, relevant and entertaining content that attracts attention.

Showcasing the unique voice and personality of your business through informative “how-to” videos and “day in the life” snippets builds your brand and creates connections with your target audience.

Combine Email with a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Online meets offline when you distribute branded mailings printed with your contact information, website address and social media profiles. Start your campaign prior to the busy spring season, sending out several mailings over the course of a few weeks to grab attention through brand exposure.

Repeat mailings prompt potential customers to take notice and check out your online presence. This allows you to leverage both direct mail and email marketing benefits in one dual campaign.

As your local reach expands, your mailing list grows, and you have more opportunities to connect with customers itching to get started with spring construction projects.

Learn the Best Ways to Follow Up with Customers

Your existing network is a rich source of potential leads as long as you remember to follow up.

Never neglect to call, email or send a note to every customer, big or small, expressing appreciation for their business. Create a sales follow-up timeline, and stick with it throughout the year to ensure no one falls through the cracks.

When the spring construction season rolls around, the people with whom you followed up will remember the care you took to stay in contact and will be more likely to call your company before anyone else.

Start Protecting Your Reputation Online

Did you know almost 90 percent of consumers are influenced by the content of online reviews? This means feedback from past construction clients could make or break nearly nine out of 10 deals for your company!

Providing stellar service is the best way to prompt positive reviews, but customers also need to be reminded.

In your follow-up calls and emails, let people know you’d appreciate their feedback, and point them to your profiles on review sites. You can’t offer incentives, but there’s nothing wrong with asking for honest opinions.

Of course, reviews are just part of the picture. You also need to be “listening” for mentions of your brand on social media and across the web and responding when necessary.

This is where an online reputation management service comes in handy, because who has time for all that in the middle of the spring construction season?

Get the Cash You Need to Fund Your Marketing Expenses Budget

When you’re launching a robust construction company marketing plan, you can’t do it halfway.

You need to commit to strong, consistent brand messaging across channels, and sometimes that means putting in a little extra money to attract the attention of your target audience.

However, committing too much of your cash flow to marketing can leave you with less than you need to deliver stellar service when customers come calling.

Business financing can provide the cash to invest in your marketing plan or support the growth of your business as you take on new jobs.

National Business Capital and Services offers a range of construction business loan options, including heavy equipment loans, small business loans and Hybridge SBA loans with flexible terms and fast funding.

If you’re ready to spring into the busiest construction season of the year, National can help you decide if a small business loan is right for you. Call (877) 482-3008 to speak with a live Expert Advisor, and ask them which option works best for your business needs.