Minority business loans are the ideal financial solutions for minority entrepreneurs who are tired of getting rejected by banks and other lenders. Learn how to get the perfect minority business loan or line of credit for you, and gain easier access to the great funding options caucasian business owners are using to take advantage of the surge in the US economy.

  1. Minority Business Loan Benefits
  2. Minority Business Loan Qualifications
  3. Minority Owned Businesses are On the Rise
  4. Except… We Haven’t
  5. How to Get Minority Business Loans
  6. When it Comes to Minority Business Financing, You Deserve Better!

Minority Business Loan Benefits

Minority business loans are specialized to help minority entrepreneurs take advantage of any business opportunity, and take on any business challenge without any complexity, long wait times, or hassle. Here are a few of the exclusive benefits that make minority business loans easily accessible to minority entrepreneurs:

  • 90% Approval Rate
  • All Credit Profiles Accepted
  • Expedited, Streamlined Process-Get Funds as Soon as 24 Hours
  • No Real Estate or Business Collateral Necessary
  • Virtually No Industry Restrictions
  • Minimized Paperwork
  • No Personal Guarantee
  • Options with True APR Rates
  • Access Over 75+ Specialized Lenders- -Find the Best Option for Your Specific Needs
  • Options with No Upfront Fees
  • 24/7 Access to a Business Financing Advisor
  • Both Unsecured and Secured Funding Options

Minority Business Loan Qualifications

You don’t need a stellar financial history or immaculate FICO to get a business loan for minorities. All you need is:

  • Minimum of $10K monthly gross sales
  • 6+ Months Time in Business

Minority owned businesses that meet both of these qualifications already have a 90% chance to get approved for the financing option of their choice.

Minority Owned Businesses are On the Rise

Minority-owned businesses are multiplying rapidly throughout the US. Recent reports show that the number of small businesses owned by minorities nearly doubled over the last decade, and generate nearly $2 million in annual revenue. Minority business owners have a much tougher time getting funded than Caucasian business owners.¬†With the economy being more conducive than ever to small business growth, it seems as though we’ve finally entered an age of equal access to growth for all ethnicities.

Except… We Haven’t

The majority of minority entrepreneurs get fed up with getting rejected by banks and traditional lenders, and resort to paying out of pocket to fund their business growth, which can be a financial disaster. Read on to learn how and where to get minority small business loans, and gain access to the perfect financing options for your specific needs.

How to Get Minority Business Loans

To get minority business loans, first you have to get your financials in order, and make sure your business meets the standard qualifications set by the lender. Since they aren’t regulated at the federal level, each financing company will have different requirements for approval in place that you must meet. Most lenders disguise the regular small business loans they offer as ‘minority business loans’-even though they don’t come with exclusive benefits that make them easier for minority business owners to get-just to say they provide them, and profit off of unwary minority businesses. Make sure you speak to a reputable lender before applying, and ask how their minority business loans specifically help provide faster, easier access for minority entrepreneurs. Ask them about their rate of approval, interest rates, and the amount of experience they’ve had providing for minority-owned businesses. NBC has been a highly-reputable financing provider for minority-owned small businesses for over 10 years. We know what it takes to get minority small business loans and business lines of credit with terms that perfectly match our clients’ needs, whatever they may be. Give us a call at (877) 482-3008 to speak with a Business Financing Advisor, and ask which minority business loan is best for you. Or, apply for a minority business loan today by filling out this 1-minute application online, and we will get in contact with you shortly regarding your offers moving forward.

When it Comes to Minority Business Financing, You Deserve Better!

Never let a lender tell you that you can’t gain access to the same business financing options that any other business owner would have an easy time obtaining. Contact NBC, and get the financing you need, with the respect you deserve.