From Facebook and Pinterest to Twitter and Instagram—the potential for incorporating social media into your brand is boundless because it is everywhere.

As tech continues to put the global marketplace at just about everyone’s fingertips, more and more businesses are becoming aware of social media’s value in reaching new markets.

In fact, it’s no secret that it’s becoming an essential tool for every brand: 90% of marketing executives have said that they incorporate social media into their marketing strategies.

As overwhelming as access to so many tools can be, it’s important to recognize that becoming an expert at utilizing social media to boost your brand is crucial.

But don’t worry, it isn’t rocket science!

A combination of consistency and awareness goes a long way. Here are easy five tips for helping your brand win the social media game:

Serve Value To Your Audience

Audiences hitch themselves to brands out of interest in what they have to offer.

It’s a rare bird that likes a litter box on Facebook because they’re solely interested in the product.

Most people like a page because they’re drawn into promotional offers, informative posts, and more often than not, high quality entertainment, like cat mentorship videos.

To be interesting on social media, you’ll have to deliver consistently high value, fresh content to a platform, as well as finding your sweet spot for posting frequency.

The use of automation tools can be great for helping you manage your social media marketing, but don’t fall prey to the temptation to post too often.

Avoid flooding your audience with hourly or even daily posts. A Facebook page like can go a long way, but it’s worth nothing if your reader  backpedals.

Cook Up A Good Online Reputation For Your Brand

Social media is now the ultimate destination for customer-service. Customers can sidestep the frustration of being strung from one transfer to another  when using a phone, and instead head immediately to Twitter to voice a complaint.

Which of course, increases the likelihood that they’ll actually submit a grievance and hurt the reputation of your brand. But, use social media as an opportunity to (very publicly) cater to your customers, and ten to one you’ll end up on top.

That’s why it’s key to respond to your customer’s comments immediately.

This is especially true when you consider Yahoo’s finding that 83% of customers who receive a reply from a brand in response to a complaint on Twitter report overall satisfaction after resolution.

Turn a complaint into a good impression by following up with clients ASAP.

It doesn’t end there, though. Businesses aren’t nearly as likely to receive a review from a satisfied customer as they are an unsatisfied one, and every business needs good reviews.

Think about it this way: how likely are you to head to a cafe with a 1.5 out of 5-star rating on Yelp?

Not very. Use social media to encourage those happy customers to post about their experiences by sharing their ‘grams, posts and tweets on your own pages.

Dive Into Your Analytics

Resources like Facebook Page Insights and Twitter analytics can provide a business with a greater understanding of what works for them and what needs to be nixed.

Posting random pieces of content is about as effective as a shot in the dark when it comes to social media campaigns.

It’s here that it is important to find out what types of content engages your audience the most and what clicks drive more people to your site.

Get Content Creative

Using analytics can be especially effective when you have content backing your site. Especially because page content has become a marketing staple.

Writing and publishing a piece of valuable content on someone else’s website or blog, or vice versa is a great way to connect with new audiences and promote your brand: it communicates to potential customers that not only are you able to offer something interesting but it increases your SEO, making your page easier to find for those searching for what you offer.

Remember you’re Not the Only One At The Party

Remember, social media marketing shouldn’t just be used as just a platform to project your own voice. Use it as a conversation tool.

Follow other business and customers and when they create a post comment on it. Interacting with others can turn your social media presence into a valuable exchange.

You won’t get friends by only talking about yourself, and paying attention to solely your own social media presence won’t get you very far.

Seek out potential customers and follow them, and interact with the influencers your audience cares about.

Every time someone receives a notification about you as a new follower, and finds exciting, fresh, relevant content when they check your page, the likelihood of them checking out your profile – and sharing it with their circle – increases.

This means more brand awareness and engagement, which means a growing, loyal following and consistent sales. Now that’s something worth talking about!

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