National Business Capital is thrilled to announce the new eQuickment Financing Product! Like our groundbreaking new Performance Advance program, this new financing product is Driving Growth For All by putting the quick back in equipment financing!

This new equipment loan program is helping business owners rapidly grow and scale their businesses with approvals in as fast as an hour.

With a frictionless application, approval and financing process, this new program minimizes the work involved by requiring no additional documents for purchases under $75K, and can be applied to purchases up to $250K. Even better: the unprecedented payment structure allows you to finance 100% of the equipment cost, including deposits and taxes.

This lightning-fast process is empowering business owners to seize new growth opportunities right away— without waiting weeks or months for traditional approvals to roll around!

How Does the eQuickment Financing Product Work?

Today’s world moves faster than ever, and it will only escalate from here. The eQuickment Financing Product is the key to capitalizing on new opportunities as they emerge, instead of facing bank rejections and starting from square one!

This new equipment loan program can help you in a number of ways.

Get Financing Approval In An Hour, and Funding in Two Days (Or Less!)

This never-before-seen approval process is revolutionizing how business owners access equipment capital.

After applying, you can receive an approval in an hour! This streamlined approval period allows you to save time you’d normally spend shopping around for the best deal, or waiting weeks or months for banks and other lenders to respond.

With approvals coming in as quickly as an hour, you can start pursuing new growth opportunities instead of watching them slip by.

Finance Equipment Up to $250K, With Only An Application for Purchases Under $75K

The eQuickment Financing Product is designed to help your business no matter what your goals are.

With this new program, you can finance equipment up to $250K. Whether you’re adding to your trucking fleet, replacing outdated manufacturing equipment, or purchasing new restaurant equipment, the options are endless.

When you purchase equipment costing $75K and under, there are no additional documents required! You can qualify without submitting an endless pile of documentation.

Qualify As a Start-Up Business Owner

No matter what stage of growth your small business is in, the eQuickment Financing Product is here to help you!

If you’re a start-up business owner, then you may encounter problems finding equipment financing based on annual sales. Don’t worry! As long as you meet the minimum personal credit score criteria, you can qualify and buy new equipment right away.

You Can Finance 100% of the Equipment Costs (Including Deposits & Taxes!)

The eQuickment Financing Product offers a 100% financeable payment structure!

With typical equipment financing programs, the borrower must pay taxes and deposits out of pocket. The eQuickment Financing Product is changing the game!

Now, you can finance the initial deposit and taxes, without making a huge payment at the beginning of the term. Instead of worrying about upfront expenses, you can focus on keeping cash flow consistent and strong!

Verify Equipment Purchase Through A Virtual Inspection

In addition to faster-than-ever financing, the eQuickment Financing Product also provides the space you need to focus on business growth! You can verify the equipment purchase with your lender through a virtual inspection, instead of an on-site inspection.

During the equipment financing process, most lenders require proof of purchases through an on-site inspection. But with an endless to-do list, making time to meet with your lender can be an added stress you don’t need. This new process allows you to verify this purchase without disrupting your day-to-day schedule!

Pick the Vendor of Your Choice

It’s hard to settle for second-rate equipment when you know that the best option would have an even greater impact on your business. Now, you don’t have to!

The eQuickment Financing Product carries no restrictions when it comes to finding the right equipment. As long as you’re satisfied with the quality and brand, we can help you finance it!

You may not find the same luck with other equipment loan programs on the market—many lenders have more strict regulations regarding the brand of the equipment.

Well, Can the eQuickment Financing Product Help You?

The eQuickment Financing Product is designed to offer simple, stress-free approvals without costing hours of your valuable time!

If you’re looking to finance equipment under $75K, then all you need to do is complete a one-page digital application— no other documents necessary! The qualifications are simple:

  1. 600 Minimum FICO: As a start-up business owner without a business credit history, you can qualify based on your personal credit score!
  2. No Minimum Time in Business: Jumpstart your business with the best equipment around.
  3. No Minimum Annual Sales: Need new equipment to start landing high-ticket sales? The eQuickment Financing Product can help you accomplish exactly that!

If you’re looking to finance equipment over $75K, then you can qualify with:

  1. 600 Minimum FICO: Our new eQuickment Financing Product is based entirely on your personal credit score!
  2. 6 Months in Business: Even if you’re just taking things off the ground, you can still qualify!
  3. $120K in Annual Sales: You don’t need through-the-roof sales to qualify. Apply today and start driving sales with your new-and-improved arsenal!

Ready to start growing your business with the best equipment available?

How Do I Apply for the eQuickment Financing Product?

The application is simple, convenient, and easily available. And remember: if the equipment you’re purchasing is under $75K, it’s all you need!

  1. Fill out the 60-second application. All we need is your contact information, a few details about your business, and we’ll get the ball rolling!
  2. Discuss the process with one of our knowledgeable Business Financing Advisors. We’ll ask you a few quick questions about your goals and the equipment you need, and let you ask any questions you have!
  3. Give the seal of approval. We’ll send over some details about the deal, and wait for your go-ahead before having the funds deposited in your account. You can access the funding as quickly as 48 hours!
  4. Grow your business! With new equipment on hand, you’ll have all of the resources you need to deliver the best value around.

Ready? Get Your Shiny New Equipment Tomorrow!

We put the quick back in eQuickment so that you can focus on growing your business!

At National, we understand the challenges that you face on a daily basis as a business owner. There are always ways to improve your business, but plenty of obstacles in the way, too. With the eQuickment Financing Product, you can enjoy a painless process, lightning-fast funding, and a 100% financeable payment structure!

Get started by filling out the application, or giving us a call at (833) 236-2088!