National Business Capital is thrilled to announce the new Performance Advance Financing Solution! Hot on the heels of the revolutionary Hybridge SBA Loan™, we’ve changed the small business financing game yet again with a new performance-based financing solution!

The Performance Advance Financing Solution is breaking down lending barriers by offering business owners capital based on business performance, instead of other criteria.

Almost all business owners qualify for larger amounts through the Performance Advance Financing Solution. In some cases, they may qualify for double the funding amount! Business owners can also avoid dreaded daily set payments, and instead repay as they get paid based on performance.

With criteria based entirely on your business’s performance, the Performance Advance can provide massive opportunity for businesses that are driving sales.


Performance Advance Financing Solution: How Does it Work?

This revolutionary new program resolves several of the issues that business owners seeking financing typically face.

Think Big: Qualify for Larger Amounts (Double the Funding Amount)

Normally, business owners seeking financing for growth must keep their expectations in check, and anticipate lowball offers. But with the Performance Advance, you’ll no longer need to simply accept these lower offers and move on.

Different business financing options have varying requirements, but the Performance Advance is based entirely on your day-to-day sales. Through this performance-based criteria, you can qualify for higher funding amounts. In many cases, your business may qualify for double the target amount, giving you even more resources to grow!

With more cash on hand, your business can take even larger steps toward growth (but more on that later).

Take it Easy: No Daily Set Payments (Repay As You Go!)

In the small business world, things can change every day. When business is slow, keeping up with daily loan payments can be an added stress that you don’t need. The Performance Advance provides the capital you need to grow, but without placing an additional burden on you!

Because this innovative new loan option is based on business performance, there are no daily set payments. Instead of paying predetermined amounts, payment amounts are based on your performance.

Many businesses experience seasonal slow stretches. Rather than stressing to pay the same amount during these periods, you can take things easy and focus instead on covering necessary business expenses! You’ll pay off more of the loan when business is moving full-steam ahead, and you have working capital to spare.

National Business Capital’ Performance Advance allows you to breathe easy, and never stress about repaying daily set amounts.

Keeping it Simple: No Personal Guarantees or Collateral (No Added Risk!)

Risk can be a make or break factor when it comes to choosing the right business financing option. With the Performance Advance, you can access much-needed capital while taking on minimal risk!

The Performance Advance does not require any personal guarantees on your part. In the event that your business defaults on the loan, you will not be held personally responsible for the remaining balance.

Additionally, the Performance Advance does not require any collateral! You’ll never be asked to put up property or other assets in exchange for capital.

The Performance Advance is designed to help your business grow, without creating additional stress or adding even more risk to your operation.

So, Can A Performance Advance Help You?

The Performance Advance Financing Solution is the best option available for many businesses. If you want access to fast capital, and want to avoid the restrictive payment schedule that can smother your working capital during growth periods, then National’s Performance Advance is right for you!

Funding amounts, rates, and terms are based entirely on how your business performs in monthly merchant processing. If your business has a high monthly volume of merchant processing, then this cutting-edge new product is the perfect fit! The higher the value on the transactions, the higher the funding amounts.

Unlike other loan products on the market, the Performance Advance does not place any limitations on how the business owner spends this capital. Based on your own ambitions and dreams for your business, you can use this money to finance any avenue of business growth!

Pursuing new opportunities in your business can be lucrative— but for this pursuit to be effective, you’ll need capital. That’s where the Performance Advance comes into play! With this capital, you can:

As your business grows, you have complete freedom to put this capital toward any expense that you see fit!

In addition to financing business growth, the Performance Advance can also cover working capital expenses! Whether you need to make payroll, purchase new equipment, or finance any other aspect of your day-to-day, a Performance Advance might be exactly what you need.

What Are the Requirements for the Performance Advance?

The Performance Advance is designed to offer capital to qualifying businesses fast. Qualifying is simple!

  1. No Minimum FICO Score. Regardless of your credit history, you can qualify for the Performance Advance Financing Solution as long as your business performs well on a day-to-day basis!
  2. Be in Business For 3 Months. You don’t have to be a veteran of the small business world to qualify for the Performance Advance! Whether your doors have been open for 3 months or 30 years, the Performance Advance is a viable option for you!
  3. Qualify for Larger Funding Amounts. Performance Advance is based entirely on your day-to-day sales.

Ready to secure double the funding amount you’d receive through another traditional product?

Well, How Do You Apply?

Applying is simple, and you’ll receive detailed information about your options in minutes!

  1. Fill out the 60-second application. We’ll ask for a few important details, and review your application right away!
  2. Speak about your opportunity with a Business Financing Advisor. During this conversation, we’ll get to know you, your business, and what you’re looking to achieve with financing!
  3. Choose the best match. Through our exclusive global marketplace with 75+ lenders, you’ll be able to choose from multiple offers to find the deal that suits your business best!
  4. Get back to growing your business! Once you land on an offer, the funds will be deposited in your account in between 24 hours and 3 days. You can take the reins and grow your business however you want!

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