For all business owners having trouble telling the good from the bad alternative business financing companies, the team at National Business Capital has some exciting news.
On May 11, 2018 the Small Business Finance Association (SBFA) announced the launch of a new initiative called the “SBFA Broker Council” chosen to be led by National Business Capital’s CEO and co-founder, James Webster.
Dedicated to protecting the interests of small businesses nationwide, National Business Capital is actively setting new standards for the industry of alternative business finance.

What is the SBFA Broker Council, and Why Was NBC Chosen?

The SBFA’s Broker Council is a new division of the Small Business Finance Association, created to establish best practices for alternative lending brokers in the way they do business.
With a mission to foster transparency, responsibility, fairness, and security in alternative business financing, the SBFA knew that the leaders of the new division would have to come from a company that clearly and consistently demonstrated these core values in the way they do business.
After much deliberation, the SBFA decided that James Webster, co-founder and CEO of National Business Capital would be the best choice to help lead in setting the standards for how those in the alternative financing industry should treat small businesses.
National Business Capital’s reputation as one of the most honest and trusted names of their kind for over 10 years earned James his place as one of the heads of the SBFA’s Broker Council.

Not Just a Trusted Name—The Trusted Name

The team at National Business Capital doesn’t like to brag, but they do like to be honest.
And so, to be perfectly honest, it makes sense to the Business Financing Advisors at NBC that their company was chosen to help set the gold standard for alternative financing brokers nationwide.
After all, both the SBFA and National Business Capital have the same vision for the future of alternative business financing: a future where all brokers treat their clients with the respect, transparency, honesty and integrity they deserve.
In fact, it can be said that James Webster and his team at NBC have already been setting the bar as to how clients are treated and respected in the field of alternative business finance since National Business Capital’s creation in 2007.
If there was ever a single defining trait that set NBC apart from other alternative financing brokers in the same field, it’s their dedication to accommodating the needs of each and every client on an individual basis, and their keen attention to respect, transparency, and honesty.

Work with the Company That Sets the Bar

In the very near future, James along with his colleagues at the SBFA Broker Council will be putting a new certification program in place to set industry standards and guidelines among all brokers.
Soon, all brokers that work with clients that own small businesses will be doing everything they can to earn the Broker’s Council’s stamp of approval in order to demonstrate the quality of their care.
However, for business owners that are shopping around for the right company to seek funding through in order to grow their business, why not work with the broker chosen to lead all brokers?
Again, not bragging—just a fact! 🙂

When in Doubt, Give Us a Call

Small business owners deserve only the highest level of care when it comes to business financing. Together with the SBFA Broker Council, James Webster plans set the gold standard for the alternative lending space built around trust and integrity.
Even if you don’t choose to work with NBC, but want an expert opinion, give a Business Financing Advisor a ring at (877) 482-3008 or apply now to to find out more about the best financing options for your business.