Later this year, Sarcos Robotics will release the Guardian XO: an exoskeleton robot suit designed to give construction workers superhuman strength.

Not unlike something from the pages of an Iron Man comic, this latest advancement in construction technology will be used to easily lift materials far beyond the limits of human strength, as well as improve worker safety, productivity, and project efficiency.

Guardian XO Suit Specifications

  • Superhuman StrengthWorkers will be able to lift materials up to 200 lbs. max while wearing the exoskeleton with ease.Trials show that the suit amplifies worker strength 20X over.Lifting 200 lbs., for example, will feel like you’re only lifting 10 lbs.
  • Lengthy, Flexible Battery LifeA full charge will keep the suit powered up for up to 8 hours.When the battery is nearly depleted, the suit is designed to remain powered on while swapping the used battery with a fresh one.
  • Advanced Sensory TechnologyWhile sensors are typically needed to be placed directly onto the human operator in order to manipulate an exoskeleton, this is not the case with the Guardian XO.Advanced sensory technology is built in to the suit itself, allowing for immediate use and minimal set up.
  • Precision and DexterityThe same advanced sensory technology also allows for improved precision and dexterity in manipulating heavy materials.Rather than relying on heavy construction equipment to move bulky materials, the suit allows for workers to manipulate materials with human instinct and dexterity that feels more natural, and yields more accurate and efficient results.

Improved Worker Safety,
Productivity & Project Efficiency

Workers in the construction industry are more prone to occupational injuries than nearly any other industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Back injuries in particular are a huge problem among construction businesses.

About 23% of all worker time taken off is due to both cumulative or acute back injuries.

This has posed a major safety concern for construction workers, a huge cause for project delays, and a giant financial burden on construction business owners, costing US contractors over $100 billion annually.

The Guardian XO is expected to be implemented as a contractor’s all in one solution to improving injuries, improving project efficiency, and slashing costs on work related injury compensation.

With such an incredible load off of workers’ hands, reduced muscle fatigue and protection against cumulative injuries will result in employees being able to work longer, faster, and more accurately – in turn speed up the time to complete projects faster than ever before.

Joining The Future of Construction Technology

December 2018’s Commercial Construction Index survey – conducted by USG Corp. and the US Chamber of Commerce shows that 78% of contractors in the US believe that advanced construction technology will be used to improve worker safety and productivity in the near future.

With shipping for Guardian XO suits set to commence in 2020, and pre-orders for the product already being discussed by some of the biggest names in the industry, it’s safe to say that the future of construction technology is just around the corner.

Can’t Wait for the Guardian XO?

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