As summer rolls around, your landscaping business needs to be ready to tackle more projects and deliver stellar results to every customer. If you want to focus on landscaping business growth throughout the season, check out these smart equipment upgrades.

Switch to a More Efficient Riding Lawn Mower

When it comes to landscaping supplies, a lawn mower is probably your most important piece of machinery. Sure, some customers are going to want elaborate and decorative lawns, and others will ask you to do some hardcore cleaning after winter storms and spring rains, but keeping grass neatly trimmed is something everyone needs done.

Speed up the process and cut more lawns in less time with a new riding mower. Look for a model with “zero-turn” steering for easy maneuverability in even the tightest places and a wide cutting width to tackle more space in less time. Aim for a fuel-efficient gas model or an electric mower with a long battery life.

Add a Shredder to Your Landscaping Equipment Checklist

If you’re not shredding the lawn debris you clean up during landscaping jobs, you’re missing a golden opportunity. With a commercial leaf mulcher or chipper shredder, you can turn leaves, branches and downed trees into valuable mulch.

It’s up to you whether to offer mulching as part of your lawn care services or to sell the mulch to gardeners, DIY landscapers or other businesses in need of wood chips and compostable materials. This gives you a chance to expand your customer base and leverage an additional income stream.

Shredding and chipping as you go also makes cleanup and transport a lot easier. Instead of leaving you with a bunch of big, bulky bags, everything gets broken down to a more manageable size and takes up less space in your vehicles.

Switch Your Lawn Care Business from Gas to Battery Power

Green landscaping and eco-friendly equipment are in with customers and the towns in which they live. Some of the best lawn care equipment today is battery powered, and designs are evolving to make these cordless options more practical. Batteries last longer on a single charge, so you can get more done without the need for loud, smelly gas-powered tools.

Switching even a few pieces of commercial landscaping equipment from gas to battery saves on fuel and is better for your employees. Battery-powered tools are quieter, operate more smoothly and don’t put out fumes during operation. A healthier, safer workforce means fewer workers’ compensation claims and higher morale, both of which are a boon to efficiency.

Since just about everything from mowers to chain saws can be powered by batteries these days, it’s worth the investment to upgrade at least your most frequently used equipment to reap the benefits.

Embrace Modern Landscaping Technology

Landscaping jobs are about more than cutting grass, trimming hedges and arranging flowers. While the majority of your residential work may focus on these types of tasks, there are going to be some customers who want a lot more. Commercial landscaping jobs in particular may require the planning and execution of complex designs with no room for error.

These projects can bring in quite a bit of money, but they can also be a huge pain in the neck to pull off. Fortunately, emerging technologies are making the question of how to manage a landscaping business far less complicated. If you’re serious about snagging big jobs and making high-paying customers happy, it’s time to invest in virtual and augmented reality.

Yes, virtual reality in lawn care! Imagine being able to whip out your smartphone or tablet – or even a VR headset – and show customers exactly how their lawns will look when you’re done working your magic. Using aerial photography, GPS and 3D rendering, VR programs let you create realistic representations of finished projects and make tweaks before you get started.

The result? Happier customers, and a lot less time spent on design, redesign and correction of errors. You could potentially finish even the most complex projects in record time, which not only saves money but also gives your company a reputation as efficient and reliable.

Finding the Best Landscaping Equipment Leasing Deals

With new machinery and technology on board, your landscaping business can have tremendous growth potential over the summer. Start taking on new clients and building a reputation for amazing service and beautiful results.

As summer rolls around, your landscaping business needs to be ready to tackle more projects and deliver stellar results to every customer. If you want to focus on landscaping business growth throughout the season, check out these smart equipment upgrades.

Investing in equipment before starting summer projects can be a challenge, especially if your landscaping business is seasonal or a mild winter left you with less than your usual volume of snow removal work.

If you have your eye on some great upgrades but aren’t sure where the money is going to come from, small business loans can give you access to new or used equipment with the features you want.

Fast funding and affordable equipment financing rates are available from alternative lenders like National Business Capital and Services. They also offer low-rate heavy equipment financing options that can get you the landscaping tools and machinery you need in as little as 48 hours.

Even if you’re eligible for a bank loan, the process can take a while, and summer could be gone before funding gets approved. There are no complicated application requirements with National, so you can get your hands on the commercial landscaping equipment you need and put it to work right away.

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