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Your business might be cleared to reopen by state and local authorities, but are you ready to take on the new challenges that await? Reopening your business efficiently takes time, consideration, and attention to detail. To ensure everyone’s safety, you need to thoroughly research local regulations to make sure you’re compliant.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the painstaking process of reopening your business alone. These resources can provide assistance with logistical considerations at the beginning, along with ongoing support as your business settles into the new norm.

Post-Coronavirus Reopening Checklist  and Safety Tips For The Office, Restaurant or Other Business

First, you need to consider what you need to change when reopening your small business, and how you can do it.

The details vary based on your business, industry and area. This social distancing and post-coronavirus reopening checklist includes the basics:

  • Wait for the all-clear from local authorities. Pay close attention to what you’re permitted to do, as well as any temporary limitations.
  • Coordinate with staff to let them know who’s coming in, and when. Remember, everyone must keep a six foot distance (depending on local laws).
  • Screen staff before they come in. Let them know that they’re free to stay home if they feel sick, and ensure they haven’t experienced any COVID-19 symptoms. This questionnaire from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce can be repurposed to fit your needs.
  • Regularly remind staff of any safety procedures based on your industry.
  • Stock up on inventory, materials, supplies, or anything you might need (and not have recently ordered) to get back to business.
  • Inspect your building or facility to be sure that it’s ready for customers, including utilities, internet, security equipment, cash registers, and more.
  • Consider how your business can adapt to the new norm. Is there anything you can do to better service customers during this time?
  • Place signage throughout the store reminding customers of social distancing requirements and procedures
  • Place plexiglass barriers at checkout and consultation desks, or anywhere customers might interact with employees for an extended time.
  • Clean thoroughly and often, and change store hours if necessary.
  • Communicate to customers exactly how you’ve adapted through your website, an email campaign, social media, and in-store signage.

Beyond basic safety measures, you can also make this an important moment for your business by considering grand reopening ideas. New regulations might make this a more difficult challenge, though you can find a way to make this a memorable experience for customers. In addition to other channels, be sure to promote the event on social media.

Overall, your most important responsibility when reopening your business is taking the right precautions based on your industry and location. Take the time to research and think creatively about potential solutions, and implement them before getting back to business.

Use This Flyer to Provide Safety Tips for Employees and Customers

Right now, customer service means paying close attention to the health and safety of your employees and customers. But finding a way to clearly communicate that to your customers is essential, too.

As mentioned previously, this information should be highlighted in upcoming emails, social media posts and on your website. However, for customers who choose to visit before reviewing anything online, in-store reminders can go a long way, too.

Even without graphic design experience, you can create informational flyers to post around your business.

Created by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, this ready-to-print template flyer gives you a way to provide important information about what you’re doing, and also to ask customers to take necessary steps. You’ll have the option to check off standard options by category (or fill in your own information), and insert your logo.

While this is crucial for the health and safety of your customers and employees, it also doubles as marketing for your business—especially during a time when people care about safety more than ever.

If you’re reopening your business, then customizing this flyer is a quick and easy step toward covering your bases.

Take Advantage of Helpful Return-to-Work Services When Reopening Your Office

Managing employees and ensuring they’re in good health can be a handful, especially when safely reopening your office. Taking advantage of these helpful online services is a great way to keep everyone safe, while attending to your business.

  • Base Camp Health: This company has adapted by developing an app called Ascend, which takes the employee health questionnaire of your plate. Additionally, it pairs other risk factors based on individuals to provide insights about risk levels.
  • Fitbit: Fitbit has taken their workplace solutions to the next level by upgrading existing employee health products to include coronavirus-related factors. This helpful tool takes care of the daily employee check-in process, providing important information about health metrics. Then, this data is routed to employers, who can view data about risk levels.
  • G4S: This company offers a number of coronavirus- related services, including PPE verification, contact tracing, maximum occupancy tools, and more. These tools were created based on safety guidelines written by government agencies, including the CDC and the FDA.
  • Verily Life Sciences: Owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, this tech company launched a new program called Healthy at Work. This program helps employers stay proactive through diagnostic testing, symptom screening, and more to provide analytics about safety and risk levels.
  • Welnys: These services help you reopen your small business by providing important services, like temperature taking and antibody/virus testing, as you scale back up. You can choose to either receive training, or have an expert take care of everything.

By taking advantage of one of these services, you can help create a safe office—but you may have help waiting in your neighborhood.

How Local Resource Centers Can Help

Depending on where your small business is located, you may also be able to take advantage of a small business resource center. Many local business & company resource centers specialize in providing assistance to entrepreneurs in the area.

Local resource centers might not be operating normally, but may offer:

  • Work safety suggestions
  • Office health and safety tips
  • Assistance interpreting reopening guidelines for small businesses

To learn more about safety tips for office workers and other resources you can tap into, call your local resource center.

Utilize Online Resource Centers to Find Bridge Loans, Grants and More

The time window to apply for the PPP loan might have closed, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Many states have unique funding programs, which are tailored to help your business based on the current COVID-19 situation.

While all programs are different, many help you get cash to continue keeping employees on board, or scale back up while reopening your business. Unlike the PPP loan, though, not all will have a forgiveness program.

To learn what small business grants or lending programs you might be eligible for based on your state, check here.

Research Guidelines for Businesses in Your Industry & Area

Be careful not to stop after implementing a few updated best practices. As the tide shifts and numbers fluctuate, small business guidelines could change as well.

Be sure to look out for new developments (or even ideas) for your industry regularly.

Remember: the safer your business, the less likely you’ll be to close, and the better your cash flow.

Fast, Flexible Funding When You Need it Most

As the pandemic has already shown us, there will be more hurdles along the way. But if your business is agile, you can make the jump to adapt.

A business line of credit could be your ticket to conquering any new regulations, and taking business to the next level.

You can apply to learn your options in just a few minutes, and get funding in just a few hours. After receiving an approval for a set amount, you can draw more cash as you need it, and only pay interest on what you take.

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