Want to give the gift of cutting-edge technology to your business this holiday season? Check out our list of the top 10 best-selling electronics for businesses in 2018, and start the new year off with greater speed, efficiency and holiday cheer!

Top 10 Best-Selling Business Electronics in 2018

  1. HP ProBook 440 G5 Notebook Laptop: With 4GB of system memory, 500GB of storage,  and the new Intel Celeron 3865U processor, this laptop PC gives your business the ability to multitask on the go with excellent speed and efficiency, all at a highly-affordable price!
  2. Lenovo ThinkCentre M710Q Tiny Desktop: Big things come in small packages, and the Lenovo ThinkCentre is no exception. How Lenovo squeezed all the power of the new Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of endless storage, and 8GB of system memory in this tiny but incredibly durable desktop is beyond us. What we do know is that they’ve been selling like hot cakes foir businesses across the US that love their compact space-efficient design, and their ability to provide top-notch speed and multitasking capabilities to their company.
  3. ASUS VK228H HD Monitor with Webcam: Need monitors to go with that desktop? Look no further than this full-HD ASUS monitor. This is one of the only truly affordable HD monitors with built-in HD webcams that give businesses the ability for quality-resolution and and sound when video chatting between staff members and their clients.
  4. Epson PowerLite 1266 Wireless LCD Projector: A projector specifically designed for meeting and boardroom use. Give your business the gift of delivering presentations in stunning HD-quality resolution and color accuracy, even in the most well-lit rooms. With user-friendly controls, easy setup and affordable price, the Espson PowerLite makes impressing your clients and staff an every day possibility!
  5. Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV: Screen-share, deliver 4K presentations, video chat, and do anything your computer can do through Samsung’s 4K smart TV, with lightning-fast wireless internet connection. Features including stellar contrast, Smart TV Bixby Voice, QHDR and world-class color-boosting technology make this TV the tool for staff to share ideas between each other and their clients, no matter how well-lit a room may be.
  6. Brother Compact All-In-One Printer: Print, fax, scan and copy – all in one compact, wireless machine! Save your business valuable space by eliminating the need for multiple machines, and use this powerful, efficient printer instead. Save time with features including automatic refilling and “touch-to-print” technology, and eliminate frustrating trips to the printer for fixes. And best of all, save money with Brother’s high-yield toner cartridges to cut costs on ink significantly.
  7. Apple iMac Pro: Any graphic designers, video editors, medical technicians, scientists or audio engineers in the house? How about people who simply love blazing-fast speeds, giant screens, revolutionary graphics and unbelievably powerful multi-tasking capabilities? Whether you fall into any of these categories or not, Apple’s revolutionary iMac Pro is designed to make even the most massive business dream a reality. Its whopping 18-core Xeon processor, 5K retina display, and endless system memory make running beefy programs including Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, Autodesk Maya, Quickbooks and any other program easier and faster than ever.
  8. VTech 4-Line Office Phone & Answering System: Streamline customer service, and give your staff the ability to communicate from anywhere in the building with this phone system designed for business use. VTech’s incredibly easy 2-step setup system will have your entire business geared up to communicate in minutes. Each phone can switch between 4 lines, and connect to up to 10 cordless devices including headsets, desksets and speakerphones. 180 shared minutes of recording time can be made on each phone for custom messages, announcements and memos between staff and customers.
  9. Swann Indoor & Outdoor Security System: How safe is your business? Give your business the gift of security this holiday season with this system of 8 5K Ultra HD security cameras. Weatherproof technology and 2TB memory system makes these the best possible cameras the best possible for both outdoor and indoor surveillance. This is an investment that can pay for itself many times over, and eliminate risk.
  10. Dell Latitude 2-In-1 Tablet and Laptop: For business men and women on the go, Dell’s Latitude 2-in-1 laptops are a must. Fold and unfold to change between tablet and laptop as needed. With long battery life, excellent speed and vast system memory, Latitude tablet/laptops make it easy to stay connected and productive wherever whenever you need to be.

Need Help Financing?

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