Small business loans have been a saving grace for the businesses owned by disabled veterans for many years. After all the sacrifice and time spent serving our country, disabled veterans are still routinely turned down by banks and traditional lenders for reasons as small as low credit scores and less-than-stellar sales. 

Many of these disabled service members simply don’t have time to boost their credit scores or annual sales upon returning home. After medical expenses and readjustment to civilian life, many disabled veterans cannot qualify for the business financing they need due to factors beyond their control.

Fortunately, alternative business financing companies like NBC&S offer small business financing options specialized to make access to capital easier and faster for disabled veterans as their way of giving back to those who gave everything for our freedom.

Top 6 Small Business Loans for Disabled Veterans

  1. VA Business Term Loans: Small business loans with fixed terms and fixed rates. The ideal choice for veterans looking for a consistent repayment schedule that does not fluctuate from cycle to cycle.
  2. Flexible Veteran Small Business Loans: A more flexible type of financing for disabled veterans. These options give veteran entrepreneurs more control over the terms and rates included, as they can fluctuate to match the funding strategies and rate of sales that a business makes. This is the ideal choice for veterans that plan to use different amounts of borrowed funds month to month.
  3. Veteran SBA Loans: Prime rates+, long terms, large amounts and a guarantee from Uncle Sam himself make Small Business Administration Loans a hugely popular choice among veteran business owners.
  4. Equipment Loans for Veterans: These are loans that specialize in getting retired service members the equipment loans they need in as little as 48 hours after applying. The new equipment obtained is used as collateral, so no additional personal or real estate collateral is needed!
  5. Veteran Invoice Factoring: Veterans use these financing options to exchange their invoices for immediate cash. They can then use the funds provided to keep operations running smooth instead of waiting for slow customer payments, and get what they need to start filling out future orders.
  6. Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) for Veterans: A lump sum of cash is given to veteran business owners in exchange for a portion of future sales. The size of the portion taken out of future sales fluctuates to match the amount of sales a business generates. The less veterans make, the less they have to pay.

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Can a Disabled VA With Bad Credit Qualify for Small Business Loans?

Yes! Some financing programs focus on your annual revenue more than your credit score, which allows a wider range of credit profiles to reach an approval that aligns with their bottom line.

There are also “bad credit lenders” who forgo credit score requirements for traditional financing programs in exchange for higher interest rates and fees. These organizations come with a degree of risk, so make sure to research the one you’re working with extensively and never sign anything you’re uncomfortable with.

How to Qualify for Disabled Veteran Small Business Loans

To get any type of veteran small business loan, at least 51% of your business must be owned by a veteran.

National Business Capital simplified the qualification process to make getting approved for small business loans easier for disabled veterans. Take a look below to see if you qualify for the financing option of your choice.

Type of Financing Qualifications
VA Business Term Loans
  • 1+ Year in Business
  • $500,000 in Annual Gross Sales
  • 580 FICO
Flexible Veteran Small Business Loans
  • 1+ Year in Business
  • $500,000 in Annual Gross Sales
  • 580 FICO
Veteran SBA Loans
  • 2+ Years Time in Business
  • $500,000 in Annual Gross Sales
  • 685+ FICO
Equipment Loans for Veterans
  • 1+ Year in Business
  • $500,000 in Annual Gross Sales
  • NO Minimum FICO Required
Veteran Invoice Factoring
  • 6+ Months in Business Required
  • $500,000 in Current Receivables
  • NO Minimum FICO Required
Revenue-Based Financing for Veterans
  • 1+ Year in Business
  • $500,000 in Annual Gross Sales
  • NO Minimum Credit Score Required

How to Apply for Small Business Loans for Veterans with Disabilities

Apply online by filling out our digital application. Then, a Business Finance Advisor will reach out to you shortly after for more information about your business and opportunity.

Here’s a breakdown of our process.

  • Apply Securely Within Minutes – Move through our streamlined application within minutes and upload your business documents with zero risk.
  • Review Your Offers – Compare your offers with expert advice from our team and select the best one for your specific circumstances.
  • Receive Your Money – Seize an immediate opportunity to grow your business or tackle a new challenge with confidence.

You can receive funds in as little as 24 hours, with 24/7 guidance from your dedicated Advisor.

Or, if you would like to speak with a Business Financing Advisor before completing our application, give us a call at (877) 482-3008 or contact us here for a free consultation!

Get Disabled Veteran Business Loans Without Collateral

A major concern for disabled veterans in obtaining financing is the question of whether they’ll have to leverage personal and real estate collateral in exchange for capital. Many don’t have the kinds of assets needed to be leveraged, and many others simply don’t feel comfortable putting their own properties at risk in case of foreclosure.

To help, National Business Capital offers a wide variety of “unsecured” small business loans for veteran business owners. The term “unsecured” means that any capital lent does not have to be “secured” by the borrower’s assets. No collateral is needed for these types of business loans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific loan programs or initiatives designed for disabled veteran entrepreneurs?

There are awards and grants specifically designed for disabled veteran entrepreneurs, but the availability of these programs will depend on your geographic location. Some are offered through state government, while others are offered through municipal jurisdictions.

If you’re looking for these programs, it’s best to research what programs are available for your specific area. If they aren’t available when you look, set up an alert to notify you when they become available.

What are the interest rates and terms for the top small business loans for disabled veterans?

Interest rates vary on a variety of factors, including your business’s financial background, the type of lender you’re working with, the financing program you’re seeking, and the market conditions surrounding your transaction, among many others.

Terms are generally flexible to your opportunity or challenge but keep in mind that you may not qualify for a certain term length. For example, you might have an opportunity that won’t pay off immediately and need a longer repayment period. If you don’t meet the qualifying criteria for that longer term, then you won’t be able to make any major changes to your term.

What documents or requirements do I need to prepare when applying for these loans?

The specific documents you need will vary based on the lender you’re working with, but here are a few of the most commonly requested:

  • At least one full year of business bank statements
  • Two – most recent – business tax returns
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow statement
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Business debt schedule, if applicable
  • Details of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Description of and proof of ownership for collateral
  • Proof of business insurance
  • Licenses, permits, articles of incorporation, and other legal documents
  • Business certificate
  • Detailed personal financial information
  • Complete business plan, including a detailed description of your business, products or services, structure, management, and marketing plan, as well as financial projections

Are there any loan forgiveness options available for disabled veteran entrepreneurs?

Potentially, but most often not. Loan forgiveness options are offered to specific groups under specific circumstances, but they’re also lender-specific.

If you find yourself needing loan forgiveness, make sure to talk to your lender about the availability of these programs BEFORE you miss payments.

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