Wholesale distribution is lucrative business. Indeed, according to First Research the sales of the industry as a whole total around $8 trillion per year.

However, with so much potential for growth and profit there’s also a healthy amount of competition in wholesale distribution – especially when it comes to the top wholesalers.

As such, it’s necessary for distributors to use the best and most cost-effective channels to reach the maximum number of merchants in their given industry. And, it’s just as necessary to have the capital to take advantage of those opportunities.

Fortunately, you’ve got options for landing the wholesale distribution financing your business needs.

Four Ways Wholesale Distribution Financing Can Benefit Your Company

1. Improved Opportunity

Plain and simple, more capital means more opportunities for your company to do business with merchants and retailers who need your service. So not only will you be able to attend to your current clients more efficiently –– you’ll also be able to attain bigger and more profitable projects.

Wholesale distribution, like any other business, is all about taking your chances when they come along. And to do that, you need the requisite funding.

2. Flexibility with Cash Flow

If you’re looking to expand your wholesale operation –– and who isn’t? –– you’ll need to have a steady stream of cash for handling miscellaneous business expenses, including unforeseen costs.

Fortunately, when you apply for wholesale distribution financing, you can use that cash on any business-related expense. So whether you need to cover a long-standing debt, or use an injection of cash to tackle a new project, a small business loan can provide just the solution you need. Or, you may want to pursue a business line of credit –– should that avenue suit your needs better.

3. Increased Volume Potential

It’s simple economics: the higher your buying power, the more inventory you can stock. And the more inventory at your disposal, the lower you can sell your products to your clients.

That’s why it’s imperative to have a substantial amount of business funds available to your wholesale operation. More so than businesses in other industries, having an increased spending power is vital to distributors. So consider your financing options often –– it just may generate a new opportunity for your company.  

4. Quick-Strike Ability

Sometimes an offer comes to your business that is simply too good to refuse. Except, getting caught short of funds can ruin a massive chance to increase your standing and make a big profit at the same time.

When you apply for wholesale distribution financing through National Business Capital, you’ll often be able to access the financing you need within 24 hours –– so you can focus on fulfilling your orders instead of scrounging to cover costs.

How to Apply for Wholesale Financing

In the wholesale industry, capital is king. Don’t get left out in the cold while your competitors are making deals.

Contact the National Business Capital team today at (877) 482-3008 for a free consultation, or apply now by filling out our simple 60-second application online, and get the cash you need in as little as 24 hours.

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