The Problem

Our client, a retailer selling premium-quality auto parts sourced from low-mileage, late-model vehicles, had an opportunity to purchase bulk inventory from overseas. However, the higher price of the bulk order was too much for their cash flow, so they began to explore their funding options.

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How National Business Capital Helped

National Business Capital connected with the client promptly to learn more about their business and upcoming inventory order. They explained that the business needed a cost-effective option that aligned with its sales cycle in order to take full advantage of the opportunity. With their perfect scenario in mind, our Business Finance Advisor leveraged our diverse lender platform to make it a reality.

We brought back multiple options for the client to choose from, then negotiated with lenders on their behalf to further personalize their terms. Shortly after, the client finalized a $1,000,000 revenue-based financing contract with favorable prepayment benefits to ensure their upcoming inventory order would yield massive profit for the business.

Where They Are Today

The reduced C.O.G.S from the bulk discount translates into a 75% boost in revenue for the client’s inventory cycle. And, with the favorable structure negotiated by National Business Capital, the client has flexible renewal options that can assist with future inventory purchases.

Accelerate Your Success

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