The Problem

Our client was assisting with the construction of a Formula 1 racetrack when cash flow constraints created an unexpected slowdown. With the project’s deadline just around the corner, they began to explore their capital options to overcome the challenge and finalize construction on schedule.

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How National Business Capital Helped

The client needed a fast funding solution, so they began to explore their private credit options. They found National Business Capital, filled out an application, and our Business Finance Advisor reached out promptly to learn more about their situation.

After speaking with the client, our Business Finance Advisor knew the client needed funds within a week – or sooner – to stay within their timeline. Collateral was out of the question, as the process would take too long, so we explored revenue-based solutions with the client until we reached an offer that perfectly aligned with the client’s goals.

Within 4 days of sending an application to National Business Capital, the client finalized a contract for $750,000 in revenue-based financing, which arrived in their business bank account the same day.

Where They Are Today

The total project yielded $3 million in revenue for the client. They went from breaking even in 2022 to projecting $5 million in profit in 2023, all because they took action when they encountered a challenge.

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