The Problem

Our client owned a popular resort that operates year-round. On their property, they have a bridge connecting two areas that breaks every year once wintery conditions set in, costing $100,000+ annually in repair expenses.

When non-operational, the client can’t reach the other side of their property or use the area for events. The loss of revenue combined with the $100,000 annual expense created a significant cash flow problem for the resort, so they began exploring their capital options.

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How National Business Capital Helped

The client began their search at banks and credit unions but quickly realized that the traditional avenue wasn’t going to work for them. Although they boasted strong financials, irregular deposits into the client’s business bank account made the lender uncomfortable with their application, which ultimately ended in a denial.

Committed to improving their business, the client reached out to National Business Capital to explore their private credit options.

Our Business Finance Advisor, Joseph Safina, reached out to the client to learn more about them, their business, and their challenge. Shortly after, he followed up on their initial phone call with competitive offers from the top-rated institutions within our diverse lender platform. The client and our Business Finance Advisor reviewed the terms, negotiated some changes, and finalized a contract for a $1.1 million term loan within two weeks of receiving their application.

Where They Are Today

The client leveraged their funds to repair the bridge, making their property fully accessible year-round and eliminating the $100,000 annual expense. Not only did this free up their cash flow for other opportunities, but it also allowed the client to grow revenue further by hosting new events on their beautiful property, putting them in a great position to succeed.

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