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Let National Finance Your Business Equipment Lease

Nearly every manufacturing, repair-oriented or professional medical practice requires specialized equipment to maintain and to grow their respective businesses. National understands this need and finances almost every type of equipment for any industry.

We provide business equipment leasing and equipment loans by offering affordable monthly payments through customized terms specific to your business.

No matter whether you are involved in the medical industry, software sector, manufacturing commerce, food service or auto repair services, we can help.

Benefits to Applying for an Equipment Lease from National Business Capital:

  • Two minute application process.
  • Bad credit history is not a “deal breaker”.
  • No fees upfront.
  • No industry restrictions by size or type of business.
  • Response within 24 hours.
  • We are proud of our 90% approval rate, even if your bank has already denied your loan application.
  • We offer terms that are flexible and work with your business’ cash flow.
  • One to five year repayment options (up to 10 years possible given the equipment leased).
  • Interest is tax deductible.
  • No vendor restrictions: equipment leases may be obtained through any vendor you choose.

Customize Your Equipment Lease Terms

National will work with you to finance an equipment lease in anticipation of future sales or future business based upon stated criteria. We offer a comprehensive package of equipment loans, ranging from 12- to 60-month terms, which will provide a workable solution for any type of business and business owner.

We also offer 10-year terms for more extensive manufacturing equipment financing. At National, we offer small-, medium- and large-sized business financing all around the nation, from virtually any industry.

Easy Equipment Financing Qualifications

We work with all types of businesses, no matter how excellent or how poor their credit history may be.

When you apply for funding with National, you will appreciate our zero upfront fees policy, our 24-hour approval and fast-response funding within days, not weeks as is the case with traditional lenders.

Before contacting us the majority of our clients have been denied equipment loans from traditional banks to lease their business equipment. This fact makes us proud of our 90% approval rate and ability to grant the means for business equipment leasing to our clients.

How to Apply for Equipment Lease Financing

Our simple 1-minute application will help your business obtain the equipment financing it needs in as little as 48 hours. For more information, call (877) 482-3008 for a free consultation with a live Business Financing Advisor.

Our business equipment leasing and equipment loans representatives are standing by to address your needs rapidly, professionally and personally. If your bank has turned you down, we invite your equipment lease application, regardless of your previous credit history.

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