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Inventory financing for retail
Automotive, Retail
Capitalizing on Bulk Inventory Discounts

Our client, a retailer selling premium-quality auto parts sourced from low-mileage, late-model vehicles, had an opportunity to purchase bulk inventory from overseas

Contraction financing
Construction, Contracting
Meeting Critical Deadlines

Our client was assisting with the construction of a Formula 1 racetrack when cash flow constraints created an unexpected slowdown.

Business loan for renovation
Unlocking Property and Growth Potential

Our client owned a popular resort that operates year-round. On their property, they have a bridge connecting two areas that breaks every year once wintery conditions set in, costing $100,000+ annually in repair expenses.

Restaurant equipment financing
Achieving M&A Goals

Our client, an M&A group, owned a portfolio of luxury restaurants. While constructing their 7th out of 10 locations, they encountered an unexpected slowdown in their construction process that would delay their target open date.

Handling Larger Inventory Orders
Handling Larger Inventory Orders

Our client, a rapidly growing apparel wholesaler, encountered a cash flow challenge that complicated their ability to keep up with rising demand.

Doubling Down on Fantastic Progress

Our client was sitting on multiple large contracts from major companies – like Disney, PNC Bank, 3M, and Gamestop – and needed upfront funding to move forward.

Checked Your Rate Recently Maybe You Should
Checked Your Rate Recently? Maybe You Should…

After speaking with National Business Capital, a client discovered their bank credit line rate was 5 times higher than expected. Our team provided bridge funding to complement their bank financing when the bank refused to raise their limit despite a 37-year relationship.

Recent Transaction - Apparel
Keeping Up With Demand

A rapidly growing apparel manufacturer needed $150,000 to keep up with the high demand for their inventory.

Accelerating a Partner Buyout

Our client operated their automotive business with a business partner for two years, but it came time to make a change. They had an opportunity to buy out their partner and become the sole owner of the business.

Where Bank Financing Falls Short

Our client built a profitable transportation business, but it was still difficult for the bank to wrap its heads around the client’s growth plan.

Growing to Greatness

Client Testimonial

See how The Shift Group used National Business Capital to streamline cash flow and position themselves for expedited growth.

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CEO Joseph Camberato offers a brief overview of the fantastic opportunities we've helped clients take advantage of.

Inventory Expansion with Sub Debt

Auto Group Adding New Location

Growing a Veteran-Owned Military Service Provider

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