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Checked Your Rate Recently Maybe You Should
Checked Your Rate Recently? Maybe You Should…

After speaking with National Business Capital, a client discovered their bank credit line rate was 5 times higher than expected. Our team provided bridge funding to complement their bank financing when the bank refused to raise their limit despite a 37-year relationship.

Recent Transaction - Apparel
Keeping Up With Demand

A rapidly growing apparel manufacturer needed $150,000 to keep up with the high demand for their inventory.

Accelerating a Partner Buyout

National Business Capital secured a $325,000 term loan for a client, allowing them to accomplish their short-term goals, hire new team members, and double their annual revenue.

Where Bank Financing Falls Short

Our client wanted to increase their fleet size and add additional drivers to their team. Within 4 days, we secured $125,000 in revenue-based financing to help drive their growth.

A Smarter & Faster SBA Loan Process

Our team helped a client secure a $2,187,000 SBA loan and a $400,000 revolving line of credit to support their purchase of an existing, profitable business owned by a competitor. After the transfer of ownership, the client cornered his local market, projecting a $5.5 million increase in revenue.

Game-Changing Supplier Discounts

Our client had an opportunity to purchase inventory at a 25% discount, but didn’t have enough working capital readily available to support the move. They reached out to National, and our award-winning team secured $300,000 in revenue-based financing with terms that allowed them to take full advantage of the discount.

Increased Purchasing Power

Our client wanted to buy materials and equipment directly from the manufacturer instead of going through a middleman. But, they had to purchase in bulk, which wouldn’t work for their current cash flow situation. Our team found the right lender for their circumstances, securing $1,000,000 in revenue-based financing that would allow them to save $100,000 weekly and increase their turnaround time on jobs.

Subordinated Funding for a Multi-Million Dollar Partner Buyout

National’s team secured $3.5 million in revenue-based financing and a $1 million term loan for a fast-growing entrepreneur, all within one week of receiving their application. Our client bought out their partners, gained 100% control of their thriving business, and stocked up on inventory for the new year, which projects a 25% boost in their annual revenue year over year.

An Unexpected Opportunity

One of our client’s main competitors was selling its equipment at a significant discount to liquidate the company. Our client wanted to take advantage of the opportunity in order to grow and take on more business.

Accelerate Your Success

Seize the opportunity to grow your business and gain access to the capital you need.