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13 PitFalls You


In Restaurant Financing

(And How)


13 Pitfalls You MUST Avoid in Restaurant Financing (And How) There’s No Room For Error When It Comes to Financing Your Restaurant.

If your restaurant is growing or you need to overcome a challenge, then you need financing. It’s that simple.

But not all restaurant financing options are created equal. The best financing option for your restaurant might not be the same one that helped you two years ago. Or the one that helped the restaurant across the street.

Taking on the wrong financing product (or working with the wrong lender) can put your restaurant in an even worse position than it was before.

Whether you consider yourself finance-savvy or not, there are ways that you can take things to the next level (without putting your restaurant at risk).

The Definitive Guide to Finding the Best Restaurant Financing Option

Our new guide to avoiding pitfalls in restaurant financing gives you all of the facts, with none of the fluff.

This road map will help you avoid all of the mistakes that restaurant owners can encounter, like;

  • Over-borrowing
  • Not having a solid business plan
  • Taking out the wrong types of loans
  • Relying too much on funding
  • Not knowing your credit score
  • Comparing your financing options to other restaurants
  • Applying too late
  • Putting off permits, approvals, and other red tape
  • Taking on all the paperwork yourself
  • Being unrealistic about the costs of growing your restaurant
  • Not locking in rates while they’re low
  • Waiting forever for equipment financing approvals to roll around

If you own a restaurant, do yourself a favor: read this ebook, and work for National. It’s the best decision I made for my business since I started!

Emma C., New York

I needed financing to refinish my restaurant a few weeks ago, and I almost signed a contract with another company. I did some quick research to make sure I was on the right track, and stumbled upon this guide. I’m thrilled that I did—I avoided a mistake that would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars.