Alternative Business Funding Solutions

If your business has been turned down for financing from your bank, you are not alone. Banks decline about 80% of the applications they receive from small businesses according to the Small Business Administration (SBA). And for small business owners with a low FICO or an open tax lien, these not uncommon financial situations are a red flag to a traditional lender.

With the economic fluctuations of the last decade, many business owners sacrificed their personal credit to keep their businesses going. As small business’ lending criteria at banks has become more restrictive, alternative financing companies have filled the void. National Business Capital, an industry leader, has less restrictive financing criteria, when making our financing decisions.

Use Alternative Business Funding Solutions For:

Or any business decision that requires working capital.

Small business owners especially require additional cash flow to remain competitive. National Business Capital has assisted over 70% of our clients to receive financing after their banks have declined their applications.

3 Alternative Business Funding Solutions

Alternative business funding solutions from National Business Capital have resolved many of our clients’ financial issues. However, it is our goal to form long-term financing relationships, so that whenever your business requires working capital, you will have a partner to turn to for a quick resolution. We will set up an initial consultation, understand your business requirements and guide you to the right financing for your current needs and source it for you. Our applications take an average of two minutes to complete and require far less documentation than traditional banks.

Our financing decisions are made within 24 hours using reasonable criteria and approved applicants receive their money in days. If your bank has denied your application for working capital, call National Business Capital at (888) 888-9124. We will strive to ensure your business receives the financing it requires to thrive.

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