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Create A Happier Culture for a More Profitable Business

National is Proud to Support Delivering Happiness for helping build our incredible culture, and bringing our team together!

Don’t let an unproductive, unhappy workplace culture hold your team back from their best work!

And for growing businesses like NBC&S, don’t let increasing staff size and additional departments cause your employees to drift apart! Successful business growth is all about bringing your team together! With help from DH, NBC&S took their culture to the next level, and continues to grow with greater unity, efficiency, and most importantly—Happiness!

What are the benefit of creating a happier culture with DH?

  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Increase productivity through our proven DH Frameworks
  • Maximize profits with a happier team
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors

DH Solutions Available To Your Team

DH Masterclass

Our signature 2-3 day service proven to align your team and grow your business.

DH Workshops

Interactive 1-2 day workshops designed to tackle specific culture challenges head-on.

DH coach|sulting

Exclusive to DH, combining coaching and consulting for the most tailored program available.

DH Keynotes

Engaging with actionable takeaways plus real-life examples of successful culture change.

“DH’s two-day Masterclass were the two best days that we’ve ever committed to in the company. Our coaches were incredibly organized and engaging people, and were immediately well received by everyone in the company. DH really brought the team together under the same shared values, and inspired them to provide a more compassionate and empathetic experience for our clients.”

-Joseph Camberato,

President of National Business Capital

About Delivering Happiness [DH]

In 2010, Jenn Lim joined Tony Hsieh in the launch and management of his book, Delivering Happiness. Today, the book has sold nearly one million copies and has hit #1 on many bestsellers lists, such as the New York Times and USA Today.


The book brought to the surface a genuine interest in organizations around the world to bring profits, passion, and purpose to their work. This led to the creation of Delivering Happiness [DH] the Coachsultancy [coaching + consulting]. Since then, we’ve helped over 350 organizations create happier, more profitable workplaces for people and business. Now, we’d really love the opportunity to work with you!

Ready To Create A Happier, More Profitable Business?