The Easiest SBA Loan to Qualify For: The New Hybridge SBA™

It used to be that even if a company showed strong promise in their sales, or boasted a credit score that would make the richest and stingiest bankers weep into their gold-dusted ice cream, something as small as a tax lien would turn into a mountainous roadblock between a business owner and the Small BusinessRead More

The Problem with Using Personal Savings to Cover Business Expenses

Many small businesses will experience hardship at some point during their existence. Indeed, 73% of small businesses use loans –– and that figure should galvanize any new business owner and help alleviate any fears they may harbor about business financing. Just because a business owner is a little short on cash from time to time,Read More

7 Ways Merchant Cash Advances Are Not What You Think

It used to be that merchant cash advances (MCA) was generally seen as shady deals made by professional scam artists, used to rob unwary business owners all their worth.   However:   National Business Capital is constantly flooded with success stories from businesses across the country that have used merchant cash advances to grow and expandRead More

Business Tax Deductions: Do You Qualify?

According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), the state of the current economy is the best it’s been in over thirty years for businesses nationwide. This is largely due to new economic policies put into place by Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, including business tax deductions, and less government regulation.  Does your businessRead More

How to Use Short Term Business Loans Successfully

When it comes to choosing the right business funding solution, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to apply for short term business loans or long term business loans. Now, at first glance, the decision may seem hardly worthy of analysis. After all, short terms business loans need to be paid backRead More

What Problems do Long Term Business Loans Solve & What are the Benefits?

In recent years, a growing number of businesses — especially smaller and mid-sized firms — have taken advantage of short term business loans to cover everything from emergency building repairs, to hiring seasonal help, to bridging a temporary gap between accounts receivables and accounts payables, to topping-up inventory ahead of a big sale or promotion,Read More

Ready to Start an Influencer Program? Ask Yourself These Three Questions First.

It’s tough to go a single day without seeing a headline or brand blog touting the powers of influencer marketing. And although mentions of this industry buzzword may induce a few eyerolls, there’s a reason why people haven’t been able to stop talking about it: it works. Brands aren’t just merely piggybacking on industry trends,Read More

5 Online Marketing Tips for Today’s Car Dealer

Cars are selling again. As the economy continues to recover, car dealerships are emerging from the rubble and ramping up their sales. This time around, however, they’re dusting themselves off and getting themselves back on their feet in an economy where consumers, who are a little more money cautious, are relying on the internet toRead More

4 Ways your Brand Should be Promoting Content on Social Media

Oh, what a tangled web content marketing as weaved. Marketers have long used the internet as clever space to promote their products and services. For those that have been successful the internet has serviced the purpose of gaining and retaining a loyal customer base. Amid the realization that internet could obtain business without the addedRead More

Payroll 101 For Employers

You’ve fired up an idea for a business, worked out a strategy and are ready to get the ball rolling on your company. Business for you is looking pretty promising and now you are ready to hire a small group of employees. Managing a payroll requires organization, attention to detail and quite a bit ofRead More

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