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What Is Revenue-Based Financing?

What Is Revenue-Based Financing?

Revenue-based financing isn’t your traditional loan. Instead, it’s a financing solution that allows your business to secure capital—quickly and easily—by leveraging your business’s future sales.

Revenue-based financing can yield funding amounts as high as $10 million, making them a great alternative to traditional business loans. Even better, they’re much more accessible than other types of financing. Whether you’re a startup, a young business, or a seasoned veteran of your industry, revenue-based financing can be an advantageous method of securing the funds you need to capitalize on opportunities and solve challenges.

This type of financing is ideal for when you need cash in the short term and don’t want to go through the hurdles of applying for more traditional loan solutions, like business term loans or SBA programs. Basically, they’re a fast and flexible financing solution to speed up your growth, all without fixed monthly payments.

Revenue-based financing is usually unsecured, so you won’t need to offer collateral to reach an approval. Not only that, but it has the added benefit of keeping your cash flow steady by making payments based on your daily credit card sales instead of a set schedule. In other words, you can adjust your payments to how well your business performs.

If your business is profitable, revenue-based financing can help you take your operation to the next level. You can use the funds for a wide range of business expenses, including operating costs, growth opportunities, and much more.

How Does Revenue-Based Financing Work?

How Does Revenue-Based Financing Work?

Revenue-based financing provides a lump sum of cash in exchange for a percentage of your future sales. Instead of managing monthly payments, you’ll repay your financing through small, automatic deductions, from your business bank account. Payments are predictable, allowing for enhanced forecasting.

The amount you’re seeking to borrow will have to correlate with your business’s profitability. For example, you may not be able to secure $4 million if you only generate $750,000 in annual revenue.

Fortunately, this type of financing is fast, and you can use the funds for almost any business purpose.

What Are the Benefits of Revenue-Based Financing?

What Are the Benefits of Revenue-Based Financing?

Revenue-based financing has many benefits, some of which are exclusive to this type of business financing. For one, entrepreneurs who leverage revenue-based financing have the ability to manage short-term cash flow issues. Instead of “treading water” until they can afford the expense, they’ll find a lender offering this type of financing to find solutions to their challenges in half the time.

Another benefit of revenue-based financing is the speed of the process. Unlike other loan products, you can secure the funds you need within 24 hours—sometimes even faster. They’re among the fastest financing solutions available to entrepreneurs, and they’re frequently leveraged by those who commonly deal with seasonal lulls or frequent cash flow disruptions.

Lastly, revenue-based financing offers increased flexibility. Less restrictive eligibility criteria allow a wider range of entrepreneurs to reach an approval, and repayment schedules are determined based on your specific circumstances. The speed of the process also contributes to the flexibility of this option, as you can secure funds quickly to help you manage sudden or unexpected expenses.

No Personal Guarantee

Get funding for your business, without tying up personal assets in the process.

Flexible Payment Terms

No set payments—repayment is based entirely on day-to-day sales.

No Real Estate Collateral Necessary

You won’t need to leverage any personal (or business) real estate as collateral.

How Do You Qualify for Revenue-Based Financing?

How Do You Qualify for Revenue-Based Financing?

Revenue-based financing often comes with less restrictive eligibility criteria. At National Business Capital, you’ll need:

  • 1+ year in business
  • $500,000 in annual sales

That’s right—there’s no credit score requirement when you secure revenue-based financing with National. Our team draws on extensive lender relationships to secure approvals that competitors can’t, giving you an undeniable edge as you look to grow and outpace your competition.

How Can You Use Revenue-Based Financing?

How Can You Use Revenue-Based Financing?

There are no restrictions—use your capital to pursue any opportunity or overcome any challenge!

Business Growth

Buy new equipment or inventory, hire new staff, or prepare for seasonal changes.

Business Expenses

Get extra working capital to manage payroll, bridge gaps in cash flow, or pay bills.

Business Opportunities

Expand or open a second location, take on more clients, or capitalize on bulk order discounts.

With revenue-based financing, the sky’s the limit. You can use the funds to purchase new equipment, add additional team members, cover operating costs, and much more. Plus, with flexible repayment terms, you can see success on your schedule with frictionless access to essential capital.

Why Choose National for Revenue-Based Financing?

Why Choose National for Revenue-Based Financing?

Better Terms. Faster Funding. Easier Process.

Accelerate your success with frictionless financing and expert advice that breaks down the barriers to growth for every entrepreneur. Thrive with access to a business lending marketplace that’s built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Experience a time-saving machine that cuts approval times from months to hours. Leverage an extensive network of over 75 lenders and teams of expert financing advisors to ensure you’ll always have access to the capital that best
fits your business.

Working with NBC, gain a financing partner for the future, ensuring your business has the capital it needs to seize every opportunity and grow without limits.

National Business Capital. Grow to Greatness.

How Others Use Revenue-Based Financing

Increasing Purchasing Power

Manufacturing businesses leverages revenue-based financing to strengthen purchasing power and cut the middleman out of their material orders.

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Finding Alternatives to Bank Lending

Transportation company uses revenue-based financing to build out their fleet after a bank loan denial.

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Capitalizing on Supplier Discounts

Manufacturer lowers COGS by leveraging revenue-based financing to quickly take advantage of a discount opportunity.

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Revenue-Based Financing FAQs

Who Can Apply for Revenue-Based Financing?

Revenue-based financing is especially helpful for young businesses, startups, and operations that haven’t built up enough credit history to qualify for traditional loan products. They’re easily accessible, and funding times work fast, making them a great choice for businesses that need access to short-term capital.

But, revenue-based financing isn’t exclusive to the abovementioned businesses; Anyone can secure this type of financing to meet their goals. Whether you generate $500,000 or $5 million in annual revenue, National Business Capital can help connect you with the right lender for your specific circumstances.

What’s the Difference Between Revenue-Based Financing and Traditional Loans?

Revenue-based financing is often thought of as a type of business loan, but the laws governing the two are significantly different. With revenue-based financing, the lender is essentially purchasing a percentage of your future sales at a discount.

You will receive an advance on your future revenue, which you’ll repay through a portion of your future revenue stream. Small business loans, on the other hand, involve a company lending you funds in exchange for fixed payments over a set schedule.

Business loans can have repayment terms of up to 25 years, whereas revenue-based financing is designed to be more of a short-term funding solution. Although they don’t come with set repayment terms, most revenue-based financing agreements are repaid within a year or less.

Revenue-based financing tends to have a higher APR compared to traditional business loans, but this is offset by the shorter repayment period. Basically, the structure means you’ll spend less time in debt.

Can I Get Revenue-Based Financing With Bad Credit?

Yes! While having good credit makes it easier and cheaper to secure financing, it’s still possible to reach an approval with a less-than-favorable credit score. In fact, many online lenders offer this type of financing with no minimum credit score requirements.

When you apply for revenue-based financing, your annual revenue and time in business will weigh heavier than your credit score. The structure allows new businesses and those without extensive credit histories to secure the funds they need to grow, but they’re also beneficial for established businesses to access the capital they need to navigate challenges and afford growth opportunities.

Every lender is different, and some may require a high credit score to qualify for revenue-based financing. This is especially common with banks and credit unions, but online lenders are generally the opposite. They’re more likely to consider your revenue, potential for growth, time in business, and other factors rather than your credit score.

Can I Get a Same Day Revenue-Based Financing?

Yes! When you apply for revenue-based financing with National, you could be eligible to receive funds in as little as 24 hours—or less.

Unlike traditional lenders, National Business Capital is a FinTech marketplace that allows you to receive multiple, competitive offers with one digital application. Our expert Business Finance Advisors work with you every step of the way, advising you on which opportunities would be the best fit for your specific circumstances.

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